Hello, idk if I am allowed to post here but it seemed like the right place to do so as this is random. I meditate a lot and it helps me relax and feel deeper. Does anyone else meditate and if so, what do you meditate to because I am looking for a meditation (video, song, what have you) that helps you connect to your higher self :libra:

Thank you



i learned to meditate through the liberal use of energizing crystals, incense of a very specific type, peppermint tea and ambient music. i typically turn up the temperature in the room i do it in too or do it in the bath while its still hot. When i take it on, usually i dont SEE anything, but time seems to pass at double, even triple its normal rate. I find myself being able to think about and accept things more readily, and its the one way i can seriously clear my mind.

If i can get a little more spiritual, here, which is rare for me, ill sometimes even hear voices, or other stuff like that. Little things, never clear enough for me to understand, but… its weird. It only seems to happen in times of extreme stress, but it happens regularly enough i kind of HAVE to accept it.


I have an app called #selfcare that I use all the time. The main screen is a bedroom with various objects you can click on to do soothing mini games or short meditations.

One of the more meditative features opens when you click the pink flower on the left. It opens an animated image to time your breathing to. You can adjust the settings so it will give you the proper timing for focus, calm, or sleep.

Another feature I like to use is the candle.if you click one of the candles on the windowsill, it opens a screen with an animated candle. It reacts to sound and the angle of your phone screen. You can set the timer so after 1, 5, or 10 minutes, it will inform you with an introspective quote across the screen.

Another thing I didn’t bother to take a picture of is what happens when you click on the limb sticking out from under the blanket. Words appear on the screen that lead you through a quick “body scan” meditation. It’s short but it’s nice to do on short breaks and such.



When I’m meditating I like to have a focus that allows me to explore an idea or a concept. Before I discovered the Tarot I used words or symbols that helped me find peace on an idea. Now I use specific cards that help me focus. For instance the six of swords is about moving past situations that are. I longer serving you. I would light some candles and clear the air and think about the things that are no longer serving me in my life. Why I have allowed them to exist and how I can move past them. I have found that my meditations have become more meaningful and I spend less time trying to get to the “reparative” state we all seek while meditating. Great topic :slight_smile:


I’ve been getting into meditation too, at least whenever I remember to do it! Since i’m sorta new to it all, I found an app called Headspace really good to listen to, it helps you figure out the basics of meditation, and it’s especially useful for getting rid of those minor annoyances during meditation like the need to scratch your nose or constantly swallow every ten seconds or so.


ooh. ive seen advertisements on youtube for that.


Thank you all so much. Just so you all know the meditation I use is on a website called or something like that they have a meditation section with two audios (both around 22 minutes each) and they help me out. (I am of Irish descent and I believe that trees are magical and o practice druidry, so yah give it a look! (“Clothed with flowers” and a “meditation with all four elements”)


I love guided meditations and tend to visit YouTube for free ones, or visit the ones by friends of mine who work in that world. I tried the Headspace app but found that type of meditation to be something different than the kind I love most. I think I wanna try it again soon, though! It’s so helpful to see everyone’s choices here.


im distinctly aware im probably the most traditional practicioner out of anything ive read here and im not sure how to feel xD


I’m not sure you can really be a “traditional” practitioner. Many cultures use restive meditation to alter their state of mind from using it to explore enlightenment such as Buddhists to rhythmic dancing and chanting to prepare for battle such as the Maori. Meditating is a personal journey to achieving a different state of being and there really isn’t a wrong answer.


i suppose so. I more meant everyone else seems to be using phones and technology, and ive always been told pretty directly thats supposed to distract the mind. Its a bit of a weird disconnect for me.


Check out binaural beats and frequencies. There is a TON of videos on youtube and they do wonders to hack the mind and are rather effective in coaxing your awareness into the desired brainwave.

I also find when I meditate while experiencing an intense body feeling, anxiety for example, when I sink my awareness deep into the feeling (despite my mind wanting to go anywhere but there) my whole body tingles and sensation disappears entirely.


I totally get that! My first experience in meditation was using it as a way to “FEEL” a feeling allowing it to flow over you and the letting it fall away.


It’s quite empowering to find comfort in the potency of feelings. Especially as one with strong empathic gifts, learning how to wrangle sensation in the body becomes utmost importance. :heart:


I’ve been practicing meditation for a few years to help elevate anxiety and depression. There are a number of resources that can help guide you along your journey, I suggest searching online for the right tips and if you feel the need (which I also recommend) to find the right tools and learning about intentions, mudras and mantras. It’s a great way to relieve the mind and soul of bad things. Good luck!!


Yessss, I totally agree. Guided meditations are the best. I also go into YouTube and look up magic guided meditations.


Hey it’s good to be different :wink:


I will check them out! :blush:


Sorry for the spam (I am responding to people), but I also love what this has become thanks for all the support and help! :blush:


Ooooh, Sel, that app looks like something I should try.
I also was introduced to meditation as a way to counter anxiety/depression symptoms. I started out using the Headspace app, or something I’d found on YouTube, but once I found a set of habits that worked for me from that combination of sources, I stopped depending on guided audio as much. I do still like to put on low-volume rainfall sounds or chanted music in the background when I can, though. :blush: