Magiq University

After getting an idea nd then getting some requests to follow it up while in chat, I have decided to make a fairly bare bones description of a Magiqal University for the members of the guilds.

Please Enjoy and Feel free to add or change things! im always ready to see what y’all come up with!

A Place where the guilds come together.
A Deserted Campus, With each guild taking over different buildings.
A Location, linked to each guild home, where members of the guilds can continue their education, and share their knowledge with others.

I see a Magiqal University, situated in a valley, with many different types of programs and buildings. I see a campus with a central circular student union. At the center of the union, a mural of the chronocompass is set into the floor. This central union is where the guilds come together to eat, study together, and just hang out. Each guild has a set of dorms in each portion of the campus. The area around each dorm seems to match the guild contained within. The Balimoran Dorm has wild vegetation around it. The Gossmere dorm has gardens around it, etc…

The other buildings around campus show signs of age, but also use. Guild members can sign up to teach certain classes, and can also become professors within the university. The staff is highly dedicated, and only takes the best into its ranks. The Buildings are home to the classes, workshops, and other small study areas.
The library is watched over by a small staff of dedicated librarians. They are both the Adventurous type librarians (A la The Librarians TV Show or Indiana Jones) and the more bookish librarians. You do not cause book damage. Ever. Or else get your library privileges revoked. Period.

Each Member of the Guilds can come to the university, to both gain their degrees, and to further their horizons in magiq. They share insight on their uses of magi, what works, what doesn’t. and how they use their affinities. Each of the 6 portions of campus tend to contain their guild’s specialties. Facilities are speckled among the rest of the campus, and locations like food places, bars, and other places, are located in a small area around the campus or in a small town outside the university proper.

Author’s Note:
I know im missing something here. Please go ahead and add to it!


It may be a small thing, but I think there would be a little cafe where people could do book readings and just hang out. Student artwork is displayed and sold there, and it’s just a nice place to be. I don’t know if anyone else sees that.


Perhaps a farm where food, both animals and plants, are grown and raised?


sure! all these things can be a part of it!


So, I want to draw up a map of the Magiq U campus. Of course, the union is at the campus center, and the guild dorms would match each guild’s position on the Chronocompass, but where are the other buildings? Ideas what each building looks like? I need details!
(@Set, you like details! Help?)


The dorms would most likely be on the very edge of the campus, because most colleges are designed that way. Each dorm would be modeled after the respective guild. I’ll jot down some ideas and send them soon.


Okay, so there has to be a research center and library. That building would be nearer to the Thornmouth dorm since they’re all a bunch of bookworms. And speaking of their dorm, I think it would have a large light on the top, similar to a lighthouse.


There would be a metalworking and wood shop building somewhere near the Flinterforge dorm, and I’m sure it’d have just about every tool imaginable, along with a large forge. There way even be a room for sewing, because sometimes the Flinties like to get fancy with their work. I also think that there would be an entire floor dedicated to glass blowing, which is one of the most popular tourist attractions.


Gossmere dorm is probably painted a fading yellow color? With vines creeping up the sides of it. Very open and inviting.


I’ll write that into the description later.


I’m not a Balimora but I think their dorm would be constantly being rebuilt. So you can observe how it’s chaotic nature has changed its interior and exterior over the decades. It would be a conglomeration of the architects’ styles over the years.


So the Flinterforge dorm is rather large, and made very similarly to most dorms. Bricks are layered on the outside, but on the inside it’s unique. Everything in the building is handmade, from the bedframes to the rugs. In the common room, there are paintings made by the students of previous years. There is also a special wall. Every year, the graduating students will put their handprint on the wall in their favorite color. Everyone loves this tradition because they hope to leave their mark on the world just as they have done for the university.


Adding our hands to join in the Day’s Work. I love it. :heart:


Ebenguard’s dorm is much like a normal dorm as well, brick made outside, weathered, but strong, and with vines creeping up the sides, normal style dorm beds and rooms inside.
except this one has a special elevator.
It leads to the Underground

Underneath the dorm is a larger cavern, Lovingly termed The Underground. It’s a large communal space. Theres the zen garden, for scrying practice and meditation, a shooting and throwing range, and a fighting ring.
Bits and pieces of the cavern hold rooms to study in, and places to hold small gatherings in as well.

The Fighting Ring is on the right side, and the range is on the left, with the garden in the center. the walls are lined with comfy little crooks and alcoves where people go.

The Underground is magiqally imbued to hear things like warning bells and sirens, like if say, the school was in danger or it was a school wide announcement. but otherwise, its pretty quiet.


To add on to the garden, I think one half would be filled with darker flowers, and the other with light. In the center, they begin to mix, so it creates a dark to light picture.


often sees Ebenguardians in the garden, marvelling at the balance


Now, for the Balimora dorm, Vic said that it should be constantly changing, and I agree. The residents of the dorm like to change decorations quite often, and ask the Flinters to make them new stuff, including but not limited to picture frames, couch cushions, curtains, and quilts. There are many different trees along the outside of the building, as if the landscapers couldn’t decide on just one. One half of the building is covered in vines and moss, but the other half has been cleaned thoroughly.


Each Ebbie lays claim to their room, via a weird set of traditions.
the alcoves are for whoever’s use.

i just dont have a good idea for the inside of the ebbie dorm.


Also, can we agree that Magiq U has a network of secret tunnels (which will obviously not be on the map because, well, secret)?


well yeah.all the tunnels are marked in various fashions.

The Undergound connects to the tunnels on the Ebenguard side of campus, its just marked in certain ways to find it. and the tunnel to The Underground is also hidden to anyone who isnt an Ebbie. other guildies can be brought there, but the tunnels never make any sense. when they attempt to find it again on their own.