Ink Appreciation: Share Your Tattoos!

While there is a thread specifically for Magiqverse related tattoos here, I’d love to see what other ink people have.

Tattoos can be such a fun and artistic form of expression, so feel free to share pictures, the meanings or stories behind your ink, or even anything you have planned but haven’t gotten done yet!

I’ve limited myself to one tattoo a year for the sake of my wallet, so I’ve only got 3 so far, but have so many more planned! The back-of-neck one was my first, and represents growth and balance. The wrist one is the ‘female’ symbol, associated with Venus and a personal reminder of pride. Then the bee is my most recent - group of friends and I all got bee tattoos for graduation because it’s our Uni’s mascot, plus bees are just neat!


Oh I love the bee one! I wish I had the willpower to get a tattoo.


Here’s mine - apologies about the awkward angle, getting a photo of your own arm is surprisingly tricky. It’s a lilac flower, in tribute to Terry Pratchett, because his writing was so formative for me, and because in his book Night Watch lilac flowers are used to remember those who died in the Glorious Revolution (which was not so glorious), and I love that book!


My first tattoo. I asked my sister for a bindrune, this is what she gave me. When she sent me the pic of it, it actually induced happy tears.

No more.


I have a few tattoos, but this one is the easiest to take a picture of! It’s the shell of a native littleneck clam, which was the focus of my honours thesis.


@Alissiya Tattoo pics are hard, I have no good ones of the one on my neck. Your lilac is so lovely though, and such a creative tribute to Pratchett’s work!

@Connielass Does the bindrune have a certain meaning (if you want to share it)? They’re both so lovely yet so personal, thank you for sharing them!

@WitchOfBones I love the placement, that’s such a neat commemoration of your thesis!


There are four runes of the Elder Futhark in the bindrune. I knew from the start without knowing why, that Uruz had to be the foundation rune, and that I wanted Laguz in it somehow. My sister said, “Uruz, for the strength you needed to get you through your trial; Birkana to help you grow from it; Laguz for healing; and Jera for peace and the joy you deserve to have.”

I had it done shortly after Winter Solstice, deliberately timed so to boost the magiq of the runes.


Wow that’s powerful, especially that your sister was able to create it for you to fit so perfectly :heart:


I only have two tattoos so far, but they are

Leonard Cohen’s unified heart

And Hecate’s strophalos

So, still plenty of canvas for a guild tattoo.


This is my first. It’s related to another magic world I’ve been a part of. During our sorting ceremony, our house had a call and response (You have wandered/Now you are home) that marked itself as I’ve of the most powerful moments of my time.

This piece my wife and I got shortly after our engagement. Probably the best physical mark of our marriage


Mine is super simple compared to yalls but I love it


A set of wings made out of blades and gears


That is awesome!!! Everyone’s are, just…gear wings though. How long did it take you to get them?


The outline took 4 hours. The shading was three sessions of 1 hour each. You can see only one side is shaded. Because life happened.

Sometimes I get self conscious about it thinking it’s ugly because it’s incomplete and people will judge me.

Which I’ve never had. Instead I have people stop me at festivals and in parks during the summer to tell me how much they like it (the random touching is a little less appreciated).

So, it’s a bit of a reminder that incomplete works are still valid and beautiful.


I think it is beautiful incomplete or not.


Oh! I didn’t even realize it was incomplete. I thought that was just part of the aesthetic—which I LOVE. :sparkling_heart:


Same!!! Until you said it was incomplete I thought it was your design on purpose. Why the gears? Did someone you know draw them for you or the artist just helped you bring your idea to life?


I wanted wings but not angel or the usual butterfly. At the time I was curious about steampunk aesthetic and liked the idea of whimsy + mechanical. My home decor is still a bit like that - lots of comfy blankets and hard iron and copper details.

I took my idea to a local tattoo artist I had gotten to know and showed him abstract mechanical concepts. He ended up making the entire design by scratch.


In all honesty, I figured it was just in process–large pieces like that are so often done in stages & black work is exhausting for both the artist & canvas.


Yes. The stop originally happened because my depression and inflammation response are tied together. I can only do so much inflammation before the depression kicks in and if I’m depressed I’m more sensitive to pain