Healing Spell for Deirdre

New space for the @Gossmere working group for creating a healing spell for Deirdre’s high fever and confusion. This started after she had read “The Little Red House” in Neithernor, and performed some serious Figuration magiq in order to do so; this is possibly a severe case of spell sickness.


Isnt Gossmere but wants to help anyways


We’ll take all the help we can get, kiddo.


One thing I at least recommend, and it’s not maqical, is a good soup. Other than that, I’ll wait and see what maqic happens. (Poor joke on my part)


We Bali can definitely help you guys! One of our magiqs is Mend, remember, and I’m sure we got some herbs lying around that can boost a spell.


So the most worrisome, dangerous symptom is the high fever, as described by @CRSumner. Cole, did you by any chance get to measure her temperature?

We can use fever-lowering medications as physical components to the ritual. These are common, available over the counter, and include Tylenol (acetaminophen) and Motrin (ibuprofen). I’m sure everybody has a bottle of one or the other laying around.

EDIT: Herbal treatments work, too.


Not sure what actual meds I have lying around except a few paracetamol lol. I always find a nice not chicken soup and cinnamon apples work far better when I’m ill.

So herb wise, things like cinnamon, rosemary, yarrow, elderberries… There’s probably some other stuff, but I’ll need to get home and flick through a couple of books…


Paracetamol is equivalent for fever lowering to it’s US cousin, acetaminophen.


Good idea @Nimueh ! I have some herb notes from the research lab around here somewhere. Let me search for healing.

Foxroot - Causes imbiber to grow a bushy tail. Side effects: Curing stomach aches, healing minor cuts.

Trampleline - Causes imbiber to dance uncontrollably, usually a waltz. Side effects: Curing headaches, healing burns.

Mistward- Imbiber occaisionally becomes insubstantial at inconvientent times, usually when trying to eat. Side effects: Healing small wounds, fever.

Who wrote these notes? checks byline Oh, oh yeah we probably don’t want to use any of these. Sorry!

Edit: On a more serious note. If it’s a magiqally induced illness, using Calling the corners on her might offset some of the effects she’s under to us.


Here to help! I’m super worried about Deeds and hope we can figure something out? I grew up in a hippy community so I know a little bit about healing with herbs and foods, maybe I can work on a poem or something?


So we should find something to atleast calm the sickness until Saturday?


We should find something to calm it down right now. Having high fevers for too long can be potentially dangerous.


Also not Goss, and I have 0 affinity for Therapeutics, but here’s some Ibuprofen worked into a rune for life force and health. Couldn’t hurt, right?


Willow bark (white willow) is great for fever, it’s the source of aspirin (salicylic acid). Dogs with arthritis and other pain issues have been known to chew on willow. It works very well for bringing down a fever quickly. Other herbs that can help are yarrow, ginger, peppermint, the very obviously named feverfew, meadowsweet, and black elder. Cold compresses on the head and warming the feet helps draw the fever down from the upper body, where it can do the most damage to the brain and heart.
Edit: Found a great list of fever reducing herbs here. https://www.herbal-supplement-resource.com/fever-reduce-herbs.html


Willow bark is the best idea I’ve heard yet!!! Thanks!


We can always count on @Leigha.


Awww thanks guys! That’s what fairy godmothers are for.


Well, we can always try some Figuration magiq.

But Robert, you say, we can’t really do Figuration magiq.

Well yes, WE can’t do it. But we know someone who can. Deidre, herself. If we, or rather Cole, tells her the right story, and it resonates enough with her about her being healed, she may make it reality.

Or I’m just saying silly stuff again. It happens. Happens a lot.

Any thoughts are welcome. I’m not 100% comfortable with asking a sick person to cure themself. It might be a lot for her to bear, but it’s an option to consider anyway.

Edit: In hindsight, this is probably way too on the nose to be useful. But maybe it gives someone an idea to build on.

The brave mountaineer was finally closing in on the very summit she had long searched for. The weight of her gear caused her every muscle to ache. The warm clothing and the exertion made her faint from the heat. She didn’t think she going to make it, but still she climbed.

As she climbed her mind raced through all that had come before. The legacy to scale this mountain her father had left her. Her long lonely journey through darkness and light. The revelation of every handhold, and every time the rock face threatened to slip under her and send her to her doom.

She paused for a moment to remove some White Willow gum her old sherpa had given her. He said it would help her focus her mind for the final descent. The earthy, warm taste in her mouth gave her a bit of comfort. The act of focusing on chewing it allowed her to dwell on something other than her troubles for a short while.

With each step towards the top, the temperature dropped. Her flush skin felt cool and refreshed. With each ledge she climbed she inched farther and farther away from the pull of the earth below, and her burdens grew lighter and easier to bear. With every moment she leaned on her trusty walking stick for support, she felt more grounded and sure she could make this ascent.

Before she knew it her hand had touched the very peak of the mountain. Before the last feet of ascent she paused. What would become of her after this? What would she see from the top? She knew the hardship of the climb, it was almost comfortable by now. She could turn back and stay there forever if she wanted to. She was alone after all. No one would know. But no, she had come this far, and would see the view from the top of the world, not for her father, or because she should, or must, but because she wished to.

At the top, all was still. There was no heat, no fever. There was no aches, no pains. There was only crystal clear realization of all she could see around her. She saw her past and all it entailed, and she saw her perspective futures, any one of a dozen paths back down the mountain she could take. And in this moment all those paths were one wonderful moment of clarity that she could truly do anything from here.

Only then, when she let go all her burdens, and stopped with all her worries, did she see them. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of others. Other mountaineers. They climbed the mountain as well. They had watched her, cared about her, supported her as best they could. Ready to do anything to catch her if she fell. She may have reached the summit under her own strength and perseverance, but she was never truly alone. She would never be truly alone.


But if this is spellsickness will she even be able to cast anything? Or would it help at all?


Both good questions. I have no absolutely idea about the answers.

We’re not sure if this is spell sickness or if this is some side effect of reading the book though. Sullivan says no one who looks within the Little Red House remains unchanged. It’s possible what she’s going through right now is a change of sorts.

Or it’s possible it’s spell sickness. Damned if I know.

I’m game for other ideas if someone else has a way to help her.