Ginger’s Journal

Hello friends ~

Fun facts about me:

  • My preferred pronouns are she/her
  • Eclipse bearing Ebenguard if you didn’t already know
  • I’m Canadian :canada:
  • BTS ARMY :purple_heart:
  • I’m a multi fandom and multi genre nerd
  • Space is cool, airplanes are neat.
  • Empathetic to the max bb
  • My favourite food might just be mashed potatoes and gravy
  • I would much rather live with cats than dogs, but I maintain that we don’t deserve our pets: they’re too pure for this world :pleading_face:
  • Dance is free therapy, go get that dopamine hit! :dancer:t2::man_dancing:
  • Mint chocolate is great and that is not up for debate at this time
  • Absolutely terrified of arachnids
  • Bad puns and dad jokes always welcome
  • I like lists

Have you seen this?
I think I want to learn this dance but it looks hard


I have actually!
I think it would be more fun with a group so you can get all the canons and such, but the pandemic doesn’t want to let that happen >.>

I’ve learned other BlackPink pieces before and they’ve been really fun! One of their main choreographers is one of my favourites based out of LA, Kyle Hanagami!

Oh! If you’ve seen any of the new stuff Chungha has released, I want to learn the choreo for absolutely all of it :joy:


Chungha is soo good :heart_eyes:


She’s honestly goals
I could watch her dance all day :heart_eyes:


I saw my massage therapist today, and she was talking about how important balance is in all things and I’m glad I was face down on the table because my internal reaction was like:
:eyes: She’s an Ebenguard and I didn’t even know it


No one can mention “balance” around me without me :eyes:.


Glad I’m not the only one assigning guilds to random people lol


I mean I’m literally starting a business about having life in balance.


If it tastes good and you enjoy eating it, then the calories don’t count.

I tell myself as I eat leftover pizza at 11:00 PM at night …


Whole. Mood.


Bedtime! :pleading_face::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::purple_heart::two_hearts:


The beans! :heart_eyes:


Toe beans!


A new dance studio opened up pre-pandemic near my house and now they’re finally allowed to do low intensity classes and like

I wanna

So. Badly.

But I’m so wary of if people are following safety precautions because I work with vulnerable people
But also after the last year of doing absolutely nothing because of that, I desperately need to get my own life going again, and vaccines for our agency have been delayed, again (shocker :roll_eyes:)

Y’all I just want to dance in a real studio again.

They also do studio rentals so I’m also considering renting one for myself and just going to town for an hour or two every week at least as a compromise between what I want and what’s safest

I’m also wary because I still struggle so much with my ankle. It’s healed, it’s just not strong and still more sore than it isn’t and it’ll never be where it was before getting hurt. It’s an up and down battle for sure. I know I need to push it to get back to where I was, but I’m also so scared of reinjuring it (which I’ve been told is a lot more likely now)
And if I’m being honest dance is just as likely to send me into a depressive spiral as it is to make me feel better these days

And it just
All sucks so much

EDIT: anything posted past 2200h Local time has an increased chance of containing sad boi feelings


I’m so sorry Ginger…that really stinks. I hope you’re able to get back to some level of dance that will help instead of hurt :eaveshug: :eaveshug: :eaveshug:


I appreciate that Tink!

When the spiral happens it’s filled with frustration, grief, pain, and a good ol dash of imposter syndrome. So when it’s bad it’s … bad.

Most of the time it’s great and relieving.

It has more to do with my healing journey than it does with the lockdown and it’s difficult to explain that to people without them giving me the “everyone lost the ability to do things because of the pandemicspeech” and it’s even more difficult to not impulsively be like GREAT AT LEAST YOU COULD WALK FOR MOST OF IT because that’s what the petty part of my brain wants to shout when they dismiss my struggle and feelings.

I don’t know. Physical activity has always been a big coping mechanism for me, and that was specifically dance for a long while - allowing me an outlet for emotion, stress relief, etc. So getting robbed of that while the world ends has been less than fun, which is why I fall into weird funks lately maybe?

Friendship, support, not asking for follow up rant :sweat_smile:
Thank you!


Always happy to listen (read??) a follow up rant


:eaveshug: :cjheart:


Payment for allowing me to rant:

Doggos seeing if I will let them outside