Fourth Fragment: The Secret Mission Part Three

A place to discuss finishing the fourth fragment.


We used to be all about the missing memories and Brandon as the cure for breaking open this lie of a world. But I think there’s another group that has spread through us like a virus. And I think I’m the only one who knows. They’re using us to get to Brandon, to get to you… to get to the Book. Sacha doesn’t see it. She’s blind. She was our leader and now it feels like she’s being led by someone else.

You have to keep The Timeline, it is important, aligning with Brandon is our best chance to reach him. I still believe that. But I think the Devoted are going to leave you with nothing at the last hour to take this for themselves. They’re not telling you everything. At the park, under the bridge, there was a note with the coin that led them to a buried package That’s where this latest trial came from. The audio from a cassette, and the mazes.

But they’re not giving you all the information Brandon left behind. Why? Why would they only dole out help at the last minute if they really wanted all of us to make it to the end together? Because they’re stringing you along, and planning to leave you stranded. They plan on connecting with Brandon by themselves. And now they want your Book of Briars too.

This isn’t the family I joined ten years ago. I don’t know what The Devoted are anymore. So I’m going to help you if I can, tell you everything I know, but you have to pretend on the forum like you discovered it on your own. Please. I’ve seen people disappear for less than this.

Here’s what I know from notes I’ve seen: Begin at the animals. The frog is in the fountain, the mouse is on the mushroom, the lion’s at the library.

I don’t know where the owl is (neither do they, but they’re close) but they know it’s hidden unlike the others and they know it has something to do with knowledge.

Please keep me safe and I’ll do what I can to help you beat them. I wanted to reach Brandon, that’s why we all signed on, but I don’t think Sacha is going to let us. So now I just want out. I’ll send more if I find more.

I have to go. For now. We can beat them together.


Alright Mountaineers, let’s take a deep breath.

I’m all for talking to the devoted, but they have to want to talk to us. Broadcasting what we’re doing without any open lines of communication from them to us in an honest way is just screaming in the wind, at best, and helping those trying to harm the book, at worst.

Even if they talked to us, it won’t be til 3:33pm tomorrow, and we can get so much done between now and then.

Brandon told us all we need to know. We just have to decipher it.

“Mind the times. They will show you the final path you have to walk.”

We need to pay attention to ‘the times’. Every time we saw and were given that we didn’t know what to do with back then.

Some random thoughts on the matter:

  1. All of brandon’s very first voice messages had days and times associated with the file names. Were all those times 3:33? What were the dates? Were any significant?

  2. 2pm, 7pm, and 10pm are times. Although I think @CRSumner already fgured out what they were for, maybe they have another meaning.

  3. Were there any times mentions in any of Bradon’s other voice messages?

  4. Maybe train schedules? Brandon was ‘found’ in a train station after all.

What else could they mean? Have we seen any other notable times?


We did look into the glass report, never turned up anything except Glaas Reports from the World Health Organization on water quality around the world. Dead end.

I just looked for glass report 1986 and found a report in the NY Times about glass in baby food, and reports on the glass ceiling, which of course made me think of the subway station, but that’s all I’ve been able to find


@luxisdead please give us that .zip file of all the documents, we need to know the times! As soon as you can give it to us!


I haven’t listened to his answering machine message in a while, but relistening to it. Are there more odd voices and noises in it than there were before?

I still hear the backwards words evenly spaced…but there are other, slower words mixed in now. Were they always there?


Yeah, those were always there, but I was never able to analyze them very well. My Audacity skills are novice at best. @Mike has sound engineering skills, maybe he could take a look?


I don’t think we ever fully deciphered every noise in that file perhaps, we missed something.


@Robert If they were, we didn’t notice them. It’s worth checking out.

@TheBellsAreRinging Zip file come right up!

edit: of course it’s being slow, because my wifi can’t be good to me

edit 2: here it is!


One more random thought and then I’m off for some shut-eye. Mind the times could also be referring to the New York Times. Or Times Square.


Been mannying all day and look what I miss. Great job Cole! @Leigha, I’ll go through the file again to see what I can find. I thought those other sounds were just twisted artifacts of what Brandon was saying backwards but it doesn’t hurt to look again.


stream’s uploaded


Just took a look at the site, read all that was on it and checked the links. Nothing. There isn’t anything on that site that we don’t already know. I even tried the source code (which is something that isn’t even ever involved in this stuff) because I was desperate, but there was nothing.

Oh, @luxisdead, did you ever get to uploading that archive?


Yes, they did.


Oh, haha I didn’t see that they posted it already :sweat_smile: oops! Thanks anyways! :smiley:


No problem. Just getting settled this morning myself and making sure I have everything before I start investigating.


Guys, i know where we need to be looking.
Mind the Times

Maybe it’s in that reversed script we could never decipher. Maybe we need to look harder.


Also, I’m at least 60% sure that “look down on The Crafter” Means at some point we have to go here

It’s hard to see, but there are glass blocks set into the ground to illuminate the sky lights of the subway station. These are located in the park in front of city hall. When the time comes I can post a map for whoever goes to show where to look for them.


Oh yeah! You mean the ghost text in the background? I know we saw it but we initially thought it was just nonsense. There’s two versions too, right?


In terms of the New York Times being part of this.

“They” implies multiple things will show us the path. That might mean the differences between the two versions of the article will show us the path.