Favourite Podcasts?

I love podcasts very much, and I wanted to share some of my favourites with you guys, and hopefully get some recommendations in return! In no particular order:

Girl in Space, (I lied, this is my most favourite one, the rest don’t have an order though) a story about a girl called X who lives in a space station orbiting a red dwarf called Ra. As a scientist she records pretty much everything, for research purposes, posterity and to have something to talk to. She’s the only person there, until she isn’t. It’s heartwarming and heartwrenching and the characters and the voice acting are SO GOOD and the person who makes it is super lovely.

Mabel, about a girl called Anna who is a care nurse for an old lady named Sally, whose granddaughter is called Mabel. Lots of very strange things happen in that house and the podcast is Anna’s voicemails to Mabel. It’s spooky and fascinating and quite poetic.

The Phenomenon, set after a global disaster means that survivors cannot look outside, cannot look at the sky, and cannot make noise. It has some really great characters and the mystery behind the disaster has me HOOKED.

Olive Hill, a fictional podcast in the style of a journalist investigating the night two girls mysteriously left their homes and walked straight into the woods behind their town, neither returning alive. Fascinating and genuinely creepy in parts.

Encounter Party, a dungeons and dragons podcast set in Ravnica, it’s hilarious and has such a weird motley crew making up the party.

Death in the Afternoon, from the Order of the Good Death, a death-positive movement to reduce stigma around death and talk about it in more positive and meaningful ways. If any of you have seen Ask a Mortician on YouTube (which I highly recommend if you haven’t) it’s along the same theme, being made by the mortician in question and two of her friends who are also Order members. The last episode was about zombies and how they relate to society’s relationship with death, it was really good.

What do you listen to??


I second Death in the Afternoon. Very good. Educational and thought provoking and morbid.

Let’s Talk About Myths, Baby! is another really good one. A very passionate mythology nerd tells you about ancient Greek myths. There is occasional swearing, but also lots of salty feminist commentary to go along with it. It’s both the most thorough mythology podcast I’ve found, and also the funniest.

Astonishing Legends is maybe my absolute favourite right now (but it does change from time to time). Two normal guys investigate whatever wierd thing interests them. Cold cases, cryptids, hauntings, aliens, everything. The conversational tone is nice to listen to and makes the subjects seem approachable, but they put a lot of effort into their research. Episodes are over an hour long on average. Lately they’ve been interviewing more people related to the subjects at hand, and they’re really good at it. They ask insightful questions and keep it entertaining as well.


Both of those sound great, especially the myths one - I love Greek mythology and will definitely dive into that one!


Myths and legends?! Oh my, yes! I will be looking those up for sure!


The Adventure Zone, the McElroy brothers and their dad started off as a DnD podcast for the first 70ish episodes, and explored other RPGs

Critical Role, also a DnD show, can be found as a podcast but I watch it either live on Twitch or on YouTube if I miss it on Thursdays.

Recently was recommended to listen to Mission to Zyxx which is a sci-fi improv comedy that I’m assuming is some sort of RPG but I haven’t started it yet.


For entertainment:
Critical Role: I know someone’s already mentioned this one, and since we have so many DnD fanatics here y’all already know. But it’s soooo great to see professional voice actors able to use their talent for something that started as a “for fun” thing as a one off at the host’s house.

Welcome to Nightvale: A story driven podcast based on the strange fictional happenings of a desert town. It gets pretty crazy, great for staying awake during a long drive.

The Trypod: This is a relatively new one, the Try Guys started a youtube podcast, and I genuinely love it. It takes a lot for me to listen to a podcast “about” the people hosting it, but they have so many interesting stories it’s worth a listen one way or another.

Philosophize this: I am a huge philosophy nerd. I used to turn this one on all the time during my college internship. I think my favorite episodes are on the Frankfurt School, and also on Nihilism and Friedrich Nietzsche, because while I definitely don’t subscribe to that school of thought it was really eye-opening towards a way of thinking that I hadn’t been able to wrap my head around until then.

EDIT: I was going to separate this post into entertainment and educational, but realized I only really watch Philosophize This for education, and it didn’t need a list of its own. So now the title looks weird, and I felt more inclined to make a long, rambling edit rather than delete two words.


If anyone is into true crime podcasts I highly recommend Atlanta Monster and My Favourite Murder.


I really like The Way I Heard It by Mike Rowe. He tells quick 5 to 7 minute stories about random people from history to current days. It is pretty interesting. I also listen to the adventure zone as well. I would say those are my favorites. I also listen to That’s Why We Drink with my wife on road trips. It’s two women who talk about true crime stories, conspiracy theories, and ghost stories.


Okay, so I listen to a really wide variety of podcasts. (I’m a transit commuter and it’s hard to hold a book while standing on a crowded train.) Excluding the things I enjoyed that have already been mentioned above, I have really liked:

  • Edict Zero: FIS - a really well-produced sci-fi audio drama
  • Wolf 359 - a Sci-Fi sitcom of sorts. Starts a little too much like Nightvale, but grows into its own schtick eventually (descibed by TVTropes as “What you would get if the team from Archer was stuck in the plot from Contact while working for the Cigarette-Smoking Man.”)
  • The Black Tapes - LOVED the first two season of this. The ending is meh.
  • Invisibilia - an NPR narrative-driven podcast about the hidden forces that influence self and society.
  • Greater Boston - not for everyone, but I thought the first 10 episodes or so were kooky in a charming way.
  • Fansplaining - literally a podcast about fandom. I’ve only listened to a few episodes, but I liked what I heard.

I have a couple more on my list of “to try” that I’ll put here if I like them. :blush:


So, I’m a big fan of audio dramas. Many are horror/mystery, for those that like that sort of thing:

  • In Her Burning - A strange Sci-Fi podcast about a girl who undergoes a ritual known as the Polishing that renders her blind. However, it also has strange effects on her, allowing her to see and hear unusual things. It’s short but very good.
  • The Message and LifeAfter - Two distinct seasons of a Sci-Fi podcast, both very excellent. One is about an infective sound and the other is about the return of the dead through…unusual means.
  • Spines - A story about a cult ritual gone terribly wrong.
  • Spooked - An anthology series of scary stories
  • Archive 81 - Horror/Sci-Fi podcast about a man hired to sort through a series of tapes. It doesn’t go as well as he planned…
  • The Bright Sessions - A Sci-Fi podcast about a therapist and her supernaturally gifted patients
  • Blackout - An apocalyptic podcast about a radio DJ during the end of the world.
  • LA By Night - A Vampire the Masquerade podcast that somehow managed to fill the Adventure Zone - shaped hole in my heart. (I know Amnesty is a thing but I don’t really like it that much)
  • Kaleidotrope - A really cute queer romantic comedy

I second nightvale…I also really enjoy “Alice isnt dead” and “Orbiting human circus of the air”


I’ve never really got into podcasts but this sounds like a similar premise to audio drama ElvenQuest.

One of my favourite audio dramas/comedies.


I’m currently working my way through Lore by Aaron Mahnke!!!


Yes! I love Lore, it’s super interesting. Welcome to Night Vale is also one of my favorites. This Podcast Will Kill You is about infectious diseases which I find very intriguing and cool.


I’ll definitely have to check out a few of those, they all sound great


Hello fellow murderino :slight_smile:


Welcome to Night Vale! That’s a blast from the past, I used to fall asleep listening to it because Cecil Baldwin has the most soothing voice.

Thanks for so many recommendations, I am looking forward to getting into them!


You too!? I would always do the same thing then wake up fifty episodes later like “I have no idea what’s happening, but what if I didn’t rewind and just continued listening from here?”


I listen to a lot of podcasts. Most relevant to this group is probably The Weird Tales Radio Show.


I listen to the Meateater podcast a lot, they’re very down to earth a do a good job of explaining the outdoors lifestyle in an understandable way. In fact I’m almost finished listening to a very interesting one where they interview a biologist who’s been working on the wolves in the states since the 70s which was very good.
So if you ever had a questions about hunting and the lifestyle associated with it, it’s a good resource.