#BriarBroke 2021 Is Coming

Just a quick update that I will be traveling with my family for Thanksgiving and won’t be available to man the shop on the 27th for “Small Business Saturday” but I will be home in time for “Briar Broke Monday” on the 29th! and the shop will be completely restocked with new merchandise, including:

  • Guild Candles. Yes, they’re finally happening! Very limited, author-crafted candles and melts (read all about them here, and watch this topic for more details and images in the next few days) that come in an all new 12oz size with an immersive three-hour digital ambient track that matches the scent of each candle!
  • Guild Journals are finally coming too!
  • New Guild Shirts & Accessories
  • Two New Limited Editions T-Shirts
  • Briar Society members will be able to order the limited annual gift starting on the 29th (Annual members only pay for shipping!)
  • And big discounts on all existing products as I clear out the shop to make way for 2022!

I just added an event above that you can “RSVP” or sync with your calendar to be reminded before #BriarBroke starts. Some items, like the new candles and several guild accessories, are pretty limited so if you’re interested, be sure to sync a reminder!


Why must you hurt us like this?

I mean I appreciate the new stuff and I’m totally excited to see it but I only have so much money!


:grimacing: I want ALL the Things.


Oh man this is going to be a terrible time for my wallet but a great time for my dopamine receptors.


I can’t really respond right now to the absolute outpouring of love, encouragement, support, and advice over on my video post, so instead I’m going to share a couple sneak peeks at two new products that will be in the shop on November 29th (briarbroke Monday):

Remember when I mentioned Guild Journals?

!!! They’re 200 pages and come in both ruled and dot-grid options:

With a guild-specific “bookplate” and four Table of Content pages!

The pages are lighter in person, more like a creamy midweight book page (these are just mockups I whipped together) you can check your copies of The Monarch Papers or The Book of Briars to get a sense of the weight.

And I’m super excited to share one of the limited shirts I’ll be releasing on the 29th:

“Ante Omnia Curiositas.”

That’s the moon guilds’ variation of “Above All, Wonder” and now it’s also a shirt!

There will also be a sun guild variation, of course, but we’re just finishing up the coloring on that one.

Next week I’ll share more sneak peeks, including the guild candles AND the extremely limited annual Briar Society gift. :cjheart:


These notebooks have such great timing! I need to buy one for my upcoming semester of classes!


stoooooooooooop i adore that shirt and cannot WAIT to see the sun guild variant!!! also notebooks!!!


Reminds me of the Secret Saberlane shirt you made me a few years ago! :spiritseergimme:


Oh gosh, I just know those notebooks are absolutely going to end up in my pile of unused notebooks that are all too pretty to use for just anything, and thus get used for nothing, but I still want them anyway!!!

Somebody help the newbie - is Moon guild and Sun guild part of the guild bearing, sub-guild classifications (Moon, Sun, Eclipse) or a reference to something I totally missed? Either way the shirt looks amazing and I want it!


Yep! Weatherwatch, Gossmere, and Flinterforge are Sun, and Ebenguard, Thornmouth, and Balimora are Moon.

The bottom of the AG page used to say one or the other of the two versions of the saying depending on the time of day.


@Ashburn is right. And it started as more fanonical than canonical (I mean, I could say that for a lot of the BV) but in a long chat we were all discussing how “Above All, Wonder” has two meanings, both curiosity and awe. And because of the chronocompass and each guild representing a time of day in the Calling Corners spell, things spiraled into the two versions of the Latin phrases being paired with respective guilds. “Ante Omnia Admiratio” for sun/day guilds and “Ante Omnia Curiositas” for night/moon guilds. :cjheart:

Since it lives in the fuzzy fanon/canon realm, I thought they’d be a fun limited shirt.


Happy Wednesday, everyone!

My family and I are celebrating Thanksgiving later today and then heading out of town for the weekend for some much-needed time away.

But I’ll still be checking in and posting updates re: #BriarBroken Monday, which is just a few days away!

I’m SO excited to finally, fully, reveal a product I’ve been working on for over two years:

Guild Candles.

If I was going to do guild candles, I wanted the feeling of owning one (or more) to mirror and extend the immersive Briarverse experience.

Each candle not only represents a different scent profile (woody Flinterforge, green Gossmere, fresh Ebenguard, earthy Balimora) but each also represents a separate environment (Weatherwatch’s open sea, Thornmouth’s library, Flinterforge’s glen)

And each 12oz candle also comes with an immersive, three-hour, looping ambient audio track that mirrors the scent of each candle (walking the old stone walls and open-air market of Ebenguard, Gossmere’s caravan through open flowering fields, Thornmouth’s crackling library fire keeping a winter storm at bay.)

I make these candles myself from pouring to packing and will be releasing twelve of each on briarbroke Monday. Half will be ready to ship the following week, the other half the following week, still in time for gift-giving!


I am so excited for these! :spiritseergimme:
(Says the person who hasn’t used either of her previous candles aside from smelling them)


Don’t forget, 2021-11-29T20:00:00Z!




I’m already impatient waiting for these! I wish I could afford to buy all of them!


The journals and candles are up so far!


And mugs