Brandon Lachmann: The Fourth Fragment: General

Heads up, new fragment just came in from the book of briars


"The hour’s finally here
Claims the chiming of the clock
If you wish to find the hidden key
Try looking for the lock

Man must scurry for the truth
For time is turning fast
Instead of searching in the now
Try turning to the past"

For those who haven’t seen it yet

Lock huh? I wonder if it’s a wordplay of loch as in lake or body of water.

In the past mean we missed something in the past 3 fragments I’m guessing


Hey did we ever figure out what time the pocket watch DG got was broken at?
I’m just amassing any and everything i can think of that has happened that might have relevance, and with the lines about a clock and our assumption that King Rabbit stole it, I want to make sure we know what time it was reflecting.


Hello, I’m new to the game and still catching up when I got the email. So, not entirely sure if I’m bringing up old stuff or not, but does it look like there is an image inside of the keyhole on the book in the lower left? I don’t think it looked like that earlier when I looked at the BoB page. Forgive me if this is old, I’ll go back to trying to catch up!


@Deedust I don’t see an image on in the lock, but that would totally fit the clue if there is one. Can anyone else see it?

As for the clues.

It certainly looks like it’s referring to past fragments to find clues to the 4th.

Fortunately there’s no shortage of ‘what the hell was that there for’ things to look at in the first 3.

Here’s my 3 things I’m going to start looking at:

1st Fragment

There are a bunch of roman numerals on the bottom of the page that Sullivan Green left his daughter. We never, to my knowledge, found any use for them.

2nd Fragment

On the page of ‘those who didn’t die’ we got the true story behind 4 people that magic saved from death. We didn’t get the true story on one of them on Brandon Lachmann. Why? Why did we get a newspaper clipping that’s got barely legible words from the ‘other side’?

3rd Fragment

I seriously have enough ‘WTF is up with that poem?’ for 3 more threads. The entire context of the poem, the animals, the guild names, the oddly capitalized words… NONE of that mattered when it came to solving the 3rd Fragment? None of that had any meaning at all? I find that doubtful…possible…but doubtful. I think there’s more to the poem than we know. (That might be wishful thinking on my part, I grant you.)

My two cents. Let the crazy begin!!!

Edit: Also @Skullvine That’s a good point, with this many hints about time and clocks in the clue from the BoB, the watch may be very important.


So I switched over to a screen with better contrast and I can see the image that def wasn’t there before. it looks almost like gears. Theres also a green v on the bottom border that when hovered over links to a Unlock The Book of Briars I’m also wondering about the key V pointed out in an article about old burial art from trinity church. My mind is whirling through anything that might be related.


Inside the keyhole there’s something, and I don’t see it in the others. I lightened it up a bit, but I can’t see any detail when I zoom in. At least not without it getting too pixelated. The other 3 locks are a solid black though. So, just not sure what I’m seeing in it.


Also “XXXX Tick Tock XXXX” is making me think.

I’m just gonna make a note now of the 8x + 1 x that seems like a marks the spot that are on BurrowintheFray


When I get home tonight I’ll blow it up on my UHD screen and see if I can work with it at all


That’s a great find @deedust. I can barely see it on my own screen so thanks for sharing the lightened version. No idea what it could mean though. Is it the lock we’re supposed to find?

@SkullVine, the only picture we have of Deidre’s watch (that I’m aware of) is this one:

This is a picture of the items Sullivan left for Deidre when he passed. It’s hard for me to tell what time is on the watch (old computer, even older eyes) but maybe some others will have better luck.

As for the XXXX Tick Tock XXXX clue, I believe @AlisonB figured that one out. The Xs represented the time stamps in the videos when the words appeared. But you may be right that it’s still relevant. If we’re looking for a clock, any time keeping device (or anything time related) could be important.

But what I find odd about BoB’s message is this part here:

“If you wish to find the hidden key
Try looking for the lock”

It could be that that is just the book’s way of telling us we need to find the locks the same way we find the fragments. Maybe we have to discover a “lock” page the same way we discover fragment pages. When we find the lock page, then we’ll be able to find the fourth fragment. Just thinking out loud here. Not sure.

And @Robert is absolutely right. There is SO MUCH from the previous fragments that never came into play that it is very possible that information will be important later on. I just don’t remember anything about clocks though.

Oh, and since the book say to look to the past, is there a chance there is a clue in one of the “obituaries” in the Burrow? Did John or Helen Wilde paint anything with clocks?


I’m going through Deidre’s site now. Gotta do it in order, but her mentioning of her dad’s watch and referring to herself as Miss Havisham stood out to me. In the book she is from Miss Havisham had all her clocks stopped at twenty to nine.

Edit: Also the BoB page has changed again. The little arrow at the bottom is gone and the bottom keyhole is as black as the other ones. The image could still be there though if the contrast is messed with. Don’t know if this will help others, but here’s the image without any photoshopping on it.


With the image seeming to be changing I have a sinking suspicion this is a time sensitive puzzle. The book may change based on some kind of timer. The past fragments may give us the algorithm it changes on as well as the answer.

Also the book of briars hashtag might mean our answer this time is numerical which may relate to the Roman numerals.


I’m curious about what “The Wolf and The Wild” book will turn up. Hopefully Deirdre posts here findings…Also, did anything come of these images?


Sorry guys, tried to upload an image of the keyhole but it did.t upload right.
I’ve been staring at that watch, and either one of the hands is missing, or it’s 8:45, but the second hand is on 21.


I’m really curios about who L.T. is,the Hong Kong collector who sold her that copy of The Wolf and the Wild. Seeing as how all of Ackerly Green’s book seem to have “diappeared”, it would be weird if L.T. didn’t have something to do with all this.
And there’s that cryptic note they sent with the book…


L.T. = Last Traveler


Duh, I’m an idiot. Right,.


No you’re not :stuck_out_tongue: It still doesn’t tell us who (s)he is. Did LT sell her the book or did they intercept the package somehow? Why were they ‘dissolving’ online but able to manifest a physical note like that? Out of context from the poem the note reads like a gift card.

From: the Crook of Gyver’s Cross
To: the Fallen Mokonode


Maybe that’s what Traveler really meant by “the end is already on its way.” He sent the last passage in the book, knowing he might not be able to get it all out before disappearing?

That phrase was the “end” of the fragment in that it was the last piece.


A couple of things about those pages above. They don’t look like they belong in the book they came from

The letters marked in red don’t seem to mean anything GOPLQJ right off the bat but the rim of his hat is also red. In the second image four words (word fragments) are underlined
That’s all I’ve got for now.
I don’t know that it would do any good to try to translate the first image, the red marks are most likely what matters. but it might be interesting to try to at least get a sense of what it’s about.And I like the little wizard guy. :slight_smile: