Basecamp 34 Update - 2/06/20

I don’t know what to say, Mounties. I’m so sorry about Saberlane. My heart is breaking for all of you. I didn’t know him personally, but every interaction I had with him on the forum was supportive, encouraging, and kind. We’ve lost so many people on the road to the new age. We have to make it count.

I’m back in the village for the day. I wanted to let you know that we’re all okay. None of the adapts are “re-powered” as of now, but a handful have said they think they can sort of feel remnants of their previous powers, Port for example. Ali says it’s more like a phantom limb. She can feel what it used to feel like, where it used to be. Yuri hasn’t felt anything. Yet. Also, Gav’s with me and it seems the Guide’s protection is still up. He can’t see the forum. Just asking him to look at my screen made him nauseated. He said it was like there was a privacy film over it. I’ve seen worse reactions though, so maybe it’s fluctuating, maybe it’s just feeling chill today, I’m not sure. Guide, what’s good?

As for Sacha, well that’s a blast from the past. What do you think it means? It can’t be a coincidence that this started days after the dawn of Mirumagiqum.

Mounties… Fam… we did it. This is the outcome the Silver were freaked about.

Two worlds rebound in butterfly wings.

Oh, P.S. we found part of an historical record of the castle, turns out it has a name, or had a name at one time. Not sure if it was someone’s name or just… a name.

Oroszlánszív. (Bless you.)

I’m not sure if I spelled it right, but it basically means, “The Lion’s Heart.”

I’m feeling those Gossvibes.

I love you all, Mounties.


Good to know you’re all in one piece Eaves, was getting slightly twitchy. Remnants are good, right? It means there’s still hope, that there’s something there that we could nurture and grow. And at least we now know the Veil’s still up, as much as it would be nice to have all our friends able to speak to us. But hey, still no Silver, so bonus?


Great to see you’re still doing well and making progress there Eaves!


Thanks for the update @Eaves. I’m glad the veil is up, and even gladder it seems that the Adepts are getting back their power. Recovery is a long road, but I am quite hopeful that they’ll walk it and we will bring the beauty of Magiq back.


So relieved to hear that everyone’s whole and well at '34 @Eaves. Saberlane’s loss is devastating. After Saberlane’s family, I feel worst for @Catherine, whose lap all of this big, magiqal mess has fallen onto, but we’re all there to support her. It might be cold comfort, but it’s something.

Stay safe in the Lion’s Heart, buddy. Definitely has those good Gossvibes.


It’s a relief to hear you’re all still safe and sound! In the Lion’s Heart of all places…that name bodes well.

So the Veil is still protecting us, that’s good. It makes me wonder if the baby-magiq needs Sacha somehow(/she needs it?) and that’s why the Veil/Guide let our new friend through. We seeded the Age with compassion and a good man’s incredible heroism. That’s powerful stuff.


Guys… Tonight the full moon is in Leo. The heart of the Lion…


Isn’t a super snow moon tonight?!


It is!


Yep. And apparently something happens at The Lion’s Heart when a full moon in Leo hangs above it, according to Rasia and Gav’s limited Hungarian. :man_shrugging:

Rasia and her extended family came this morning to tell us we had to stay in the village tonight, no questions asked. They came with carts and tractors, fed us way too much, and now we’re all sharing beds and sleeping in hay lofts tonight. I mean, cozy, but come on.

Whether it’s just a superstition or not, it’s now nearly 1am and I can’t stop thinking about what wild shenanigans are happening up there under the lion heart moon.


Wait…you are ALL outside the protections of basecamp? Keep people on watch please.


That’s strange. I wonder that Rasia didn’t warn you about this temporary exposure before. I mean, The fill moon isn’t a surprise.

Will you be in the village during the whole full moon or just the main night?


Well… I think Rasia had been telling us we needed to stay with them, but there’s a lot of nodding and agreeing to things we don’t understand, so…

We appreciate your concern. Luckily, it was one night, (the main night) and we did indeed keep watch. Another reason I was up at 2am. We’re leaving in a few to head back up, all accounted for and safe. :heart:


I wonder what happens, did you ever find out?

It’s also interesting that it has astrological roots, astrology is a ‘western’ import there… Or is it more of a temporal moon-thing that happens to coincide with Leo sometimes?

(PDF) Hungarian Horoscopes as a Genre of Postsocialist Transformation | Krisztina Fehervary - Most of this doesn’t get into the pre-socialist era enough but it glosses over how revivalism snapped up western practices rather than return to local beliefs.

Maybe there’s something to the way this was characterized many (many) years ago that we’re missing?


HAHAHA @Eaves. That makes total sense.

Eager to know what, if anything, you all return to up there.

And also eager to know what happens, if we ever can find out. It might be beneficial to find out if there are any other astronomical events that affect the castle. Good to prep and to start a record.


I second that. I know communication with the locals is tough, but if you can try to find out if there are any other such events it could be important for planning in the future.


The New Moon is on the 23rd of February… If the full moon is something to cause concern, maybe the same for the new moon…?


All I know is it’s going to be in Pisces. No idea if that has any effect on the Lion’s Heart the way the Leo moon did.


Our plan is to get solar, power, and hopefully satellite internet up at Lion’s Heart this Spring/Summer, but until then apologies for not following up more/sooner. It’s a TREK to get to reliable internet.

The castle seemed fine when we got back, there were some things out of place, but no one’s positive they didn’t leave them that way since we left so quickly.

So, as far as we know, full moons in Leo are not cool :man_shrugging: or at least not worth sticking around for. We think we managed to get “disappearing” and maybe “party” out of an explanation by Rasia’s daughter. So yeah, no disappearing party for us please.

I have the first part of The Book of Briars in my inbox and I’m printing it out now on a dot matrix printer, :grimacing: and will read on the way back up to LH.

Why do we think Sacha (thanks, Jonah, you’re a mensch) was part of the BoB releasing part of… itself? To me, and I might be grasping, it kind of feels like unfinished business. Sacha, for better or worse, was all over the initial conjuring of the BoB back in '16/'17.

So anyone wanna do some wild speculation on what we think the next part is going to require?

Also, winter is pretty quiet up at LH but it’s gonna get busy in the coming months and I might be needed there more. If I send someone in place of me to check in, I’ll make sure we have a sign/password or something so it’s not sketchy.


Good to hear from you, @Eaves! I hope you take the opportunity to make the little paper accordions from the dot matrix paper - that’s the best part.

Did we leave any other loose strings during the initial conjuring that need to be revisited? I feel like we might be overlooking something.