Balimoran Magiq

As we know, we have specific magical affinities, yet the types of magiq aren’t specifically defined or described for us yet. So, I thought it could be interesting to discuss our magiq and what we think the meanings of each are.

For reference -

Balimoran Magiq:
Faulton Fray’s Decay
Charm and Deception
Bestiary Arts


Also, who or what do we think Faulton Fray is? A person??


Sounds like a fun idea. My nearly random guesses.

Weathermancy - The fortelling and control of weather.

Uproot - At the minimum it’s removing a plant from the earth with minimum fuss. Like weed control. At more interesting levels maybe it’s the actual animation of plants treant-style. Maybe it works on things not plants that are in the ground?

Faulton Fray’s Decay - I think that’s probably a person. I suppose it could be a place though? Most likely the rapid decay of plant and animal material. Could also apply to structures though. I could see it rusting metal for example. Probably used as a combat spell in times of agression or defense.

Charm and Deception - I’m not sure why these are in our wheelhouse. These seem to control or modify what people think or feel and I’m not really sure that’s us.

Bestiary Arts - Healing animals mostly. I could see minor modifcations being in here like making a coat stronger for the winter, or increasing a horse’s stamina, or vastly improving the mental capacity of a goldfish…not that anyone should ever do that…


I wonder if perhaps it’s related to the Fray - the place where fraylilies grow? It could be a place, a specific area of the Fray where this decay occurs?


Interesting - it definitely could be a place kind of like Godric’s Hollow, but as Rev said, a fray. Perhaps Faulton was a person though. Maybe the original founder/creator of the Balimora guild? Do you think we can decay all organic organisms, living or dead, including people? Not that I want to decompose a living person, but maybe some chaotic Balimoran would?

Bestiary Arts, I definitely feel like its what Robert said, the care of animals - magical and regular alike like the care of magical creatures from Harry Potter - damn it, it’s been stuck in my head since I re-watched Fantastic Beasts last night.

Uproot and Mend seem almost like two sides of the same coin to me. Destruction and repair.

Charm and deception is a bit bizarre to me as well. Maybe this magiq falls to us because we operate outside of natural rule and have to be able to take action using such things as charm and deception to maintain the deeper balance of The Great Chaos?


Decay - Oh absolutely on an academic level I think decomposing a living human being would be covered. The ancient world could be a rough, hostile place that didn’t have a lot of concern for personal niceties when it came to defending yourself or your kin. The Ancients would have had to have found some way to turn their magics against someone hostile at times. And if you throw in a world where animals like Tigrantula’s run around…well those don’t sound exactly cuddly.

Now, I think it would probably be way easier to decay dead matter than living. Dead matter is already decaying so you’re just helping it along it’s current trajectory. Decaying living matter, which has a tendancy to heal, regrow and fight off infection would take a lot more skill and effort. Probably only master practioners could pull that off even in the best of times, and I doubt anyone could now.

It’s interesting to see the Cagliostro in light of this conversation. Since he seems to have fended off decay of his body for centuries. I imagine it’s similar magic to this.

Charm and deception - I could buy some small corner cases. You can’t heal a wounded animal very well if you can’t calm it down. That might fall under charm. And sometimes deception can be used to hide someone hunted or protect them. As a broad category though it feels off.

If the category was called ‘calming spirits and camoflage’ I guess I wouldn’t think twice about it.


Don’t mean to intrude on the Balimoran Magic (I’m a Flinterforge after all), but Uproot always reminded me of my favorite poem “A Tree Telling of Orpheus” by Denise Levertov. Definitely worth the read if you’re not familiar.


Being a gardener and farmer, I may be able to add a bit to these ideas (although I think @Robert did a pretty dang good job of laying it all out).

Uproot intrigued me from the jump. It sounds destructive, but potbound plants need to be uprooted and placed in fresh, fertile soil in a larger container where its roots can develop. The part of the plant above the soil can only grow as far as the roots can expand below. Same goes for a plant growing in an unfavorable area. You want to move it to a location where it can thrive (better light, soil, drainage, etc.). Plants can’t move themselves, if a plant is growing in an unfavorable place, or the conditions change ( flooding, overgrowth, etc.) we have to do it for them. Although I am more intrigued as to how that could be applied to non-plants, both animate and inanimate (Imagine uprooting a mountain). I really like the treent idea. Expect to find walking, talking, singing foliage sprouting up around my cave. :grin:

Decay, same thing. Most think of decay as a negative, but anyone who’s ever had a compost pile or worm farm (or mushroom farm) knows better. Decay is your best friend. Controlling decay, its rate as well as its composition, could absolutely work both ways. But balance is like what Mufasah described, the circle of life and all that. Cheesy, but true. Decay is about breaking things down into their components, until eventually you get back down to just carbon. The essence, the source, the prima materia. That becomes rich nutrient for new life, so something new can be created and nurtured.

Mend, I immediately think of pruning and grafting. Pruning, though harsh, is necessary for the health and proper growth of the plant. Nature prunes in its own way with winds and lightning and fire. But it can be an opportunity as well. Grafting can produce amazing things, even all new species in some cases. But mend would absolutely about providing proper conditions for healing to take place, and finding ways to improve and accelerate that healing. (We have the technology, we can make you faster, better stronger…) Ultimately it’s about restoring integrity, wholeness, making things right again after they’ve gone “wrong”.

I like charm and deception and take it exactly as @Robert does, camouflage. It reminds me of throwing glamours. Of course it can be used for bad deeds, anything can. It’s all about intention. Intention is EVERYTHING in magic. Think of a hunter blending herself into the undergrowth, or you might disguise her prey as something else in order to protect it from her arrow. Charm, same thing, the snake charmer bidding the snake to dance by swaying hypnotically until the snake sways the same way.

Bestiary arts is where I veer off a bit. I agree with the animal tending and caring, and I do like the idea of being able to make beneficial “modifications”. I also see it like warging ( dunno if I’m allowed to make GOT references here, but I’m gonna). At the very least being a sort of animal whisperer, but ultimately going way beyond. A shepherd not needing to stay out in the field because he can direct the flock with his mind. Or redirecting a wolf or bear from attacking you and instead persuading it to help you. Or (again GOT references) being able to fly a dragon and direct its fire power.

And really? You wouldn’t want to make Bubbles just an eensy bit smarter? If only to keep its little head from exploding the next time you want to have a discussion about inter-dimensional travel.


I’m going over what your guess are and their really good. Going over them, I think Uproot and Faulton Fray’s Decay both can be used , to use your words, “… as a spell in times of aggression or defense.” I’ve been going over information on Balimora to try to understand the guild better, and I have to say, your guess are the closest I’ve seen, and the only I’ve seen. The description you have for Weathermancy is spot on, same with the rest. But to expand on what I understand of them, Uproot, as you said is at the minimum, dealing with plants. But I think you also “uproot” something that’s hurting the land, let’s say a dam blocking a river or a post in the ground. Faulton Fray is probably the name of the creator f the spell. I don’t understand why Charm and Deception are here unless there’s something Balimora’s guarding, other than the land. And Bestiary Art’s is explained quite well by you.


So is our magiq only centered on nature and such?


For the most part, it’s about instinct and intuition, and balancing what most consider light and dark, or, from a Balimoran perspective, creation and destruction. With a fair bit of mischief thrown in.


More like helping nature along, guarding it, and as @Leigha says, a bit of mischief thrown in.


Also, if anyone wants to reread the page that you were shown after selection, here it is.


I think a woman was the original Balimoran. But that’s just my own speculation at this point. Being that in many cultures women are the farmers and men are the hunters. Thoughts?


And most earth deities I know of are female


Balimoran magiq reminds me a lot of Crooked Path witchcraft, from a philosophical standpoint. It’s very much about understanding the value in “dark” and “light” without equating them as ends on a spectrum of morality. It appears to me to resemble very much the “curse and cure” mentality of many folk magic traditions where it is generally understood that learning how to destroy is a natural by product of learning how to mend. That’s my interpretation of FF’s Decay and Mend, but it also applies to other aspects of Balimoran Magiq as well. Charm and Deception are another example of synthesis of seemingly opposing principles. You can even see this represented in our crest, the intertwining trees, one black and one white.

To be a Balimoran magiqian is to walk opposing paths simultaneously. To embody in oneself these “opposites” and dualities and understand that this is not contradiction, but balance and higher understanding of these principles that transcends simple binary categorization.


Chaos has its roots in Greek Mythos if we take that to heart and remember that Khaos was born of nothingness and that everything came from Khaos we can build upon that.

After reading what has been written before it seems as though we have a pretty good handle on what the “talent” allows us the best apptitude. The only thing that seems to be left wanting is “deception and charm”?

Charm is quite difficult and I’ll think on it some more but deception in the natural world is rampant. From the previously stated use of camouflage to carnivorous plants offering sweet rewards for deadly risks. The control of illusion or even the ability to make use of the senses to bring calm more foster goodwill seems very in the ballpark of a Balimoran Mage.

“Have you wandered the woods? Have you ever noticed how suddenly the trail you were sure you were on is no more? You were so sure you’d seen that copse of trees before and yet you never turned… Just over that rise… just across this meadow… almost to your destination and yet never actually there.”

That is the power of the forest.

That is Balimora.


I think Charm and Deception might not always be absolute control over the mind, but might be influences on the thoughts and opinions. Maybe it is an illusionary art, one that can be used to conjure images that could in turn charm or deceive. Wouldn’t invisibility be a great charm for protectors and caretakers. Us Balimorans may not seem to relate directly relate to Charm and Deception; but indirectly, the arts of it could be used to fulfill our roles. These are just thoughts though, and I’m new, anyways.


This is not directly relevant to magiqs, but it may be relevant to Balimora, and I’m kicking myself for not realizing it sooner. There’s a place, in Ireland called Ballymore.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Thomas Sheridan (absolutely a Balimoran) lately, a lot about Irish ancient mystical history, especially around Carrowmore, I guess that’s what triggered it.


You really do find the best stuff, @Leigha . That’s really cool I had no idea that place existed.