2019 Goals and Plans Discussion

I’d love to hear what you’re all planning to do to make the most of a brand new year!


First, I’m going to record a 2019 video detailing the non-spoilery plans for the new year.


The thing I would like to work towards - in a bigger picture sort of view - is to spend more time perusing things I’m passionate about.

That sounds super easy and maybe a bit cliche, but I have a bad habit of getting caught up in deadlines and responsibilities that I sometimes overlook doing simple things that I’ve always loved that bring me a lot of joy and fulfillment. So for me it’s important that I make time to do those things regardless of how crazy the rest of my life is since they offer me quite a deal of stress relief as well.

This may sound vague which doesn’t make for very attainable goals, but I’ve got my own system of how to do this I just thought I’d spare everyone the details and explanation of my day to day life.


My goals are:

  • Get back on track with training for the 10k and half marathon the last weekend of February so I don’t get swept for going too slow (this starts tonight, so if you see me on Discord, bother me to go do my 9.5 miles if I haven’t finished them already) (I’m doing these miles New Year’s Eve after dinner, am wiped out from work).

  • Dont. Get. Swept. During. Races.

  • Focus on the big map of mini goals that the Run The Year challenge came with [spoiler]so I don’t get to the point where it’s the last week of the year and I still have 100+ miles to go.[/spoiler]

  • Use my insurance for more than just a free flu shot or a cheap urgent care visit [spoiler]as has happened the last three years :cagsko: [/spoiler]

  • Make things, for myself and others, but without killing parts of myself on deadlines [spoiler]my wrist and those guild banners in the AGP office :cagsrip: [/spoiler]

There are probably more, but it’s a start.


For me I spent 2017 and 2018 surviving, each day waiting for the next bad thing to happen and then scrambling to find a way to keep going. In February I faced my biggest challenge and I couldn’t outsmart it so as the summer rolled in I gave up. Since then I’ve been cowering at home avoiding life and trying to make it to the next day. So for 2019 I want to start living again, I don’t want to hide anymore. With my driving tests passed I have had more freedom now then I’ve had in a long time. In 2019 I’m going to start looking for a career and re-engaging in hobbies I’ve ignored for too long. It’s gonna be a hard road but I’m determined to push through. :aetherdetermined:


My goals for 2019 are:

  • Be confident. Don’t wimp on opportunities because I feel like I’m not good enough.
  • Stop. Self. Sabotaging.
  • Do more art that’s just for me, rather than only schoolwork.
  • Be more productive. Manage my time more carefully and actually write stuff down.
  • Get into a great grad program and take charge of my future!!!

I have one goal for the new year: Finish uni with the best grade I can. Anything else I do will be a bonus.


Mine is to be disciplined - eat right, exercise, shed the weight I’ve gained since Auglet #3 was born and keep it off all year!


A few things I’m working on this year. I’ll keep posting as I come up with more:

  • Getting to know my mind and body again, post-stroke.
  • Focusing and managing my attention and energy, with regards to everything, but especially when it comes to attracting my tribe. I want to be a firehose, not a sprinkler.
  • Continue working on delegating and trusting the wonderful people I have in my personal and professional life.
  • Stop trying to be a “publishing house” and instead be the weird, interactive, immersive, out there, hard to describe book company Ackerly Green wants to be, while also finding interesting ways to attract my tribe.
  • Doing things and speaking up about things that can change the world, and not just by bringing more wonder into it. I took some admittedly outdated advice early on about what authors should say with their online voice. Truth is, yes, I’m creating a place here where everyone can share and express themselves, as long as it’s kind and thoughtful. But personally, I am super-progressive and have ideas about a lot of things that don’t necessarily fit the forum/Discord rules. I’m going to be more okay sharing those ideas in places that aren’t here, like Instagram, etc. If people don’t like it… they aren’t really my tribe. :purple_heart:

Lets see. In 2019…

Im going to florida in may, to see a girl i met online 3 years ago, who has become the love of my life and a sun that casts out the pain and darkness i suffer from.

Im going to look into Person With Disability Pension, and if i find a part time job, will move out.

I want to look into a learners drivers license

I want to start exercising more, hiking more, and possibly getting back into martial arts.


This year is about taking better care of myself, and not just finding but MAKING the time for the things that make me happy (because goodness knows there isn’t just spare time waiting to be found). I started last year with a really big dark cloud hanging over me, and it persisted long after I got past the thing that was causing it. I want to look after my mental and physical health better, ask for help when I need it, spend time with the people that are important to me, and go on so many adventures.


I have quite a few goals for this year

  • Get healthy (they’ve finally found the cause of my chronic pain, so I hope I might fully heal this year)
  • read 100 books, of which 25 in Japanese. Also read some of the magazines I keep buying.
  • sub a video every month
  • Draw more
  • Go to concerts
  • Be social
  • Try and invite people for things (I struggle with this a lot)
  • Travel more and see more of the Tohoku Area.

So yeah, quite a bit I want to work on this year, though a lot are things I really like, so it’s more of focusing on stuff I like and that’s good for me.


Five months ago I would’ve answered this question differently. Now I’m (re)focused on breaking down identity, losing the fear paradigm and connecting with my purpose. I am finding walking the path of Magiq requires dedication, discernment and non attachment.

These are my new goals for this year. To unveil myself to the greatest extent possible.


Wow, okay, so ive already accomplished all of my goals for this year and its only may!


@Catherine and I are really proud, seeing the rewards of all the work we’ve put in on the backend of the company these past six months. Growth on social media, doubling the community, finding ads that work and audiences that respond to what we’re doing. Books coming together behind the scenes, and new immersive, interactive plans that are exciting for you and us, but aren’t so all-consuming that I’m not completely overwhelmed like I was during TMP.

Also, getting to see Catherine’s reaction as she sees the behind-the-scenes workings of interactive narrative and reactions to new twists and new characters, has been SUPER rewarding. 2019 hasn’t been without its hiccups (hello February flu takedown) but all-in-all we’re seeing a lot of rewards from a lot of blood, sweat, and tears.


So how is everyone getting along with their 2019 plans and goals?

I failed on all mine so I’ve gone back to cowering at home and avoiding life


I’ve got three of five down lol. Working on the other two.


I’ll find out mine either this month or next, so…


Good luck Nim!!!


Well, I did the races and didn’t get swept! :eaves:

I’ve started/planned a couple things craft-wise.

…and the rest hasn’t really happened much (though I made a little bit of a dent in the mileage poster last month). :sweat_smile: