20. The Secret Society: Intertwined

If I could leave him I would, but I cannot find the way out. I am in an endless dream of dark, wet halls and screeching cries. And mournful pounding like a dying heartbeat. Am I killing him too? If I could claw my way out of this nightmare without taking his life I would. To be done with what I know. What I did. I should’ve been stronger. I didn’t fight nearly hard enough. There had to have been a way to save them. All those wondering souls lost. Because I was weak.

All we hear are the sounds now. The sounds down in the dark. He too is fighting, trying to be himself. He is afraid to show, to share how much pain he is in. What are we meant to do?


Okay. So obviously I didn’t write that.


Okay, enough dawdling. Let’s do this.

New people who want to get involved are welcome!!! It won’t bite…probably.


Sorry, I haven’t been paying as much attention to this as I probably should have (mundane job blech), but do we have any theories about how/why this, erm, spirit, has attached to Sabes, particularly? (Like, please link me if we’ve confirmed any theories, or if there’s anything we can test out before we dive into dark waters and concuss ourselves because of it.)


Woolie, our ghostly friend who’s been living in AGP for the past year, gradually grew weaker until he couldn’t hold on anymore. As Saberlane tried to confort him in the end it seems Woolie just sort of, was pushed into him.

Best thing I can point you to is this: 19. The Secret Society: The Dreamer


And all this time you’ve been acting like
“Oh, yeah, he’s in my head but it’s no big deal. Wierd but I can handle it.” :laurenangry: You should have told us you were having a hard time! Waiting until our ghost friend decides to take matters into his own hands to tell us? Not cool. I am doing my best to send all the scolding mother energy right now.
Seriously, I know it’s new and strange, but us Mounties are no stranger to the bizarre. I’m not really angry, but if something like this is hurting you, please don’t hesitate to tell us. We may not be experts, but we have more experience than most. And we’re a family. It’s okay to lean on eachother now and then.


Ill see what i can do about channelling some kind of ward again to help you all out. Good luck out there, make sure you pitons are secure and your rope hasnt frayed.