10. The Secret Society: We've Done Something

Originally published at: We’ve Done Something - Ackerly Green

I got an alert in the middle of the night from the camera I set up in the office that motion or sound had triggered it. I’m not sure what we did, but we did something.



Here’s a transcript of what I could get from this:

[22 seconds in]:
“With a keen mind, and an unfailing belief in the power of magiq, you have discovered a new episode of Ackerly Green’s Tales of Wonder. Tonight’s story is one of lost and regained hope, of mystery and magiq. Somewhere on the northeastern coast lies a quiet fishing town, and in it, a lost and lonely farmer, searching for a treasure his son, Methan (not sure about this), buried beneath tell-tale circles of stone. Our collector visits that town and seeks to find the answer to a rather curious question: how is a little boy still leaving gifts for his father, 30 years after his own disappearance?”

music kick in and lasts for most of the rest of the video as room slightly get brighter


When there’s something strange in the neighborhood who ya gonna call…

So one that music is very creepy and two I think it’s time to call an exorcist! :joy:


That definitely describes us! Good work, Secret Society!

@Saberlane - was that collected remotely? Have you been back to the office? Is everything still in place where you’d left it?


Wow, that’s really creepy. But awesome news still! This looks to be the beginning to an old Ackerly Green episode, but where is the rest of the episode?


I think a larger question is “where are the rest of the episodes?”


we need to go track this guy down, if we can locate where exactly this is.

ackerly green was based in NYC right? so northeast of there, on the coastline…?

in that case, fire island, shirley, hampton bays, east hampton, or montauk? maybe even new shoreham?


So there used to be an Ackerly Green radio show? Omg, I am so into this. :deirdreexcited:

I wonder what’s next? We have to unlock more memories to get more of this episode? And, why this episode, specifically?


For some reason I’m fine with the disembodied voice coming out of the ether. Once the creepy music started I would have noped the heck right out of there.


coolcoolcool…that music filled my spook quota for the day. But I’m very intrigued. I’m thinking head to the googles (and probably Atlas Obscura) for northeast coastal towns with circle rocks…


…Holy hex. Like, I know Sabes said there was a ghost, but like…yeah.

A quick Google search came up with this “American Stonehenge” in New Hampshire: http://www.crystalinks.com/AmericasStonehenge.html

I’m honestly more interested in what what happened with the little boy. A child disappearing but still communicating with this world…reminds me of Brandon Lachmann? Has that sort of thing happened before - travellers, I mean? And did this Tales of Wonder show air in our book? In the Book of the Wild? Is our ghost the father? The boy? Some other connection?


Okay. So the questions we have so far are:

Where is this fishing area?
Viv answered this with a search and found that it is in New Hampshire.

What town is it?
Salem (Thanks Viv)

Is there more to this episode, and if there is, where is it?

Where are the rest of these episodes?

And has Saber contacted a priest or other individual for an exorcism?


Town is Salem, New Hampshire

Edit: It also seems to be called “Mystery Hill” which…fitting.


If it wasn’t for the timing, I would say that the son is one of Those Who Did Not Die, like Brandon. However, the disappearance date doesn’t seem quite right for this story. We shouldn’t dismiss the idea, though.


Salem, NH isn’t exactly coastal, and definitely isn’t a fishing town… Didn’t @Robert post something about a circle of stones in Australia in the other thread?

Edit: 7. The Secret Society: Wet Woolie - #378 by Robert


Yeah, but even on the continent of Australia, it’s very SW rather than NE…


I started digging once I saw how far Salem, NH was from water. This is the first place actually in an area known (at some point) for fishing.

There’s also this one. The nearby town doesn’t say anything about being known for fishing (unless it does with further digging), but it’s on a bay, so highly probable.

Re: placement
I know they’re technically West and South respectively on their land masses, but they’re NE in relation to AG.


I’m not sure if this is a help or hinderance to point out, but the exact phrasing seems to be ‘Circles of Stone’ plural. I went back and listened to it a few times and I agree with Remus that it’s plural.

Not sure if that means one location with many circles, or a few locations, hopefully near each other.


Additional “awake” thoughts based on the clues that caused this creepy radio presentation to begin with:

  • our original clue said “A Circle of Stones,” as if only one were relevant
  • how does the “Swashbuckling Pirate” fit in? That’s (I think) the only clue not directly mentioned in the broadcast. Is this boy the pirate, with the buried treasure and all?
  • the broadcast does say “northeastern coast,” which I don’t think means “Northeast of AGP headquarters.” But yeah, I don’t really see any towns that fit all three requirements in our searches so far [NE, fishing, stone circle(s)]. Maybe our “Circle of Stones” isn’t as obvious as standing stones?
  • Is this collector possibly one we know about? I can’t hear the name clearly…maybe that could give us a hint as to the location/period of time?

Holy cow. I’m gone for a freakin day due to finals and this happens. Seems to be a pattern for me. I definitely need this radio show. As far as pirates, Blackbeard’s treasure might be hidden on the U.S. east coast. I’d have to do more research to see if there are any others. Didn’t one of y’all have a location related to a pirate? Where was that and which one?
I’ve got a presentation and then a research paper to do today but I can look for stuff later this week.