19.5. The Secret Society: What We've Found So Far

Since we haven’t yet collected these artifacts in one place, here’s the images and sounds of everything we’ve found so far. I used to be able to make this a wiki, can’t seem to figure out how to now but once I can anyone will be able to add to this.

Alright, let’s organize. Channels his own Nimueh spreadsheet side

  1. The radio play “Tales of Wonder”

Transcript: (Credit to @Remus)

[22 seconds in]:
“With a keen mind, and an unfailing belief in the power of magiq, you have discovered a new episode of Ackerly Green’s Tales of Wonder. Tonight’s story is one of lost and regained hope, of mystery and magiq. Somewhere on the northeastern coast lies a quiet fishing town, and in it, a lost and lonely farmer, searching for a treasure his son, Methan (not sure about this), buried beneath tell-tale circles of stone. Our collector visits that town and seeks to find the answer to a rather curious question: how is a little boy still leaving gifts for his father, 30 years after his own disappearance?”

music kick in and lasts for most of the rest of the video as room slightly get brighter

  1. The Ticket (What is AB 10622 all about?)


  1. The Herman Proof


  1. Avis’s Journal

  2. The Green Man printing block.


Maybe unrelated to these 5, but maybe not. The picture no one took. What is in Saberlane’s hand?


Thanks @Robert this is a huge help!


Thanks professor for consolidated all of this! I can’t wait to read your lecture on it :laughing:


Alright, what do we got?

item 5 (the print block), was a gift to Warner Green.
item 3 (the Hermie Proof), was to be given to Warner Green for approval.
item 4 (the journal), belonged to Warner Green’s sister, and she wrote about him several times in it.

So far a clear pattern. Everything here belonged to, or heavily involved Warner Green.

And then we have items 1 and 2.

The “Tales of Wonder” in item one involves a small fishing village on the NE coast. Warner was born in Inisheer, Ireland (not in the NE cost of ireland.) And later moved to NYC (not a small fishing village) as a child. Is there any connection to WG?

Item 2 talks about visiting the Phantom Lighthouse, and ‘She Still Waits out There’. Also the strange AB 10622. It may just be a ticket number…but I’d bet my tinfoil hat there’s something useful there.

I can’t help but feel like there should be something here, but I just don’t see it.

And so I type as therapy to ‘think out loud’. :slight_smile:


https://www.canpages.ca/page/AB/edmonton/adira/7780899 Alberta 10622 leads to a cabinet refurnisher.

it also somewhat connects to SYT11 Polyclonal Antibody, aka -E-AB10622

Background information : This gene is a member of the synaptotagmin gene family and encodes a protein similar to other family members that are known calcium sensors and mediate calcium-dependent regulation of membrane trafficking in synaptic transmission. The encoded protein is also a substrate for ubiquitin-E3-ligase parkin. The gene has previously been referred to as synaptotagmin XII but has been renamed synaptotagmin XI to be consistent with mouse and rat official nomenclature.