Your Literary Character "Signs"

Hey guys!

Piggybacking off of the Personality Types thread, @CJB and I thought it would be fun to think about our types/signs in terms of literary characters, so like: “which character do you present to the world/which character are you on the inside?” or “how does the world see you/how do you see yourself?” I really don’t know what to call this so any suggestions would be helpful. They can be from the Magiqverse or elsewhere!

I’ll start! On the outside, I like to think/like the world to think I’m a Hermione Granger/Jo March hybrid, but on the inside, I think I’m really more of a mix of Elinor Dashwood and Jane Bennet (I could probably do a whole thread just of Jane Austen characters but that’s for another time).

So…who are you?? Full disclosure, this is harder than it seems!! (Or at least it was for me)


The Magiqverse

On the outside:
The Cagliostro

On the inside:

All Literature

On the outside:
Neville Longbottom

On the inside:
Claudia Kincaid


To the outside world I’ve always tried to give off the vibe of Clint Eastwood, while maintaining the appearance of a younger Johnny Depp. But I know that I totally butcher any kind of attempt at being Clint and probably come off as an annoying Chris Pratt.

On the inside, I’ve always felt more like Duncan from CowboyNinjaViking, and I resent it. A myriad of issues makes socializing in any capacity torturously difficult for me, and I always feel like a pariah in any group despite people’s best efforts to make me feel welcomed. It really isn’t anything to do with everyone, and I know that, but that’s my personal demon. That’s also why I don’t comment too frequently.

That might have been a little heavy, and I’m sorry. Blurred any elusion to mental health talk.


Outwardly, I try to project something like Jasnah Kholin (Stormlight Archives). Knowledgeable and commanding, she has an air that makes you want to obey her and a defiance towards societal norms, openly discussing taboos and challenging the social structure with a calm dignity.
I probably don’t actually seem like that to others though. I expect I come across as more rigid and aloof than stately, and might seem to casually disregarded social rules instead of deliberately defying them. I’m not sure what character fits here. I’ll probably come back to this later.
This is surprisingly very hard!


Ooof idk exactly about who I try to project, but physically I look like the unholy love child of Severus Snape and (white) Hermione Granger. Hair: bushy. Nose: large. Know it: all.
I guess, keeping with the HP theme, I try and project McGonagall. Mostly in the hope that my students learn to both love and fear me, as is appropriate.

(edit bc I somehow managed to spell Snape wrong???)


This is difficult agh


I try to live up to my fav, Augernon in his ‘94 Mountie prime of being decisive, dependable, and self sacrificing.

Probably come across more like Ascender, though. Unsure if actually around, and doing something you just don’t know what, and isn’t great at sharing my thoughts, lurks A LOT.
Internally I’m definitely SpiritSeer considering I’m still like omg!! I talked to CJB himself!!!
… when I’m a guild leader and should hopefully be doing that?
I can’t control how the fangirl chooses to show itself :woman_shrugging:t2:

Out of Magiqverse:

Honestly I’m unsure how I want the world to perceive me as I’m working on this whole self love and acceptance thing. So even if I’m trying to coax myself into picking some far fetched ideal, there’s still so many to choose from.
Maybe Samirah al-Abbus from Magnus Chase series because she’s come to to terms with all parts of herself and found a way to make them work together, she works for what she wants, she’s formidable when she wants to be, but is also a pretty great friend and super supportive of those she cares about. Also she’s a Valkyrie??? And striving to be a pilot??? So like yes please.

Internally I relate a lot to Keladry of Mindelan except I’m not cool enough to be a knight and definitely do not have her gift of height.


@Ginger ahhh it’s so cool to find someone else into Tamora Pierce’s work, she’s my all-time favorite author!

Externally I feel like I tend portray myself as Rebakah Cooper - A bit of an overachiever, shy but levelheaded, stubborn in pursuit of justice, willing to take risks, and with a very intimidating stare. Open with friends and animals but will fight someone if they threaten something she cares about.

Internally I’m more like Gaiman and Pratchett’s Anathema Device - Self-sufficient and with a complicated organizational system, into conspiracy theories and social justice, a bit guarded, and generally just trying to do my best and live up to everything the future is supposed to hold (even though the world is probably going to end soon).


Honestly I found this really difficult, but after much thought I think I probably try to portray Hermione Granger on the outside, but I am really Anne Shirley on the inside!

As much as I try to get things done, my inner child always wins through…



I feel like I am Mickey Mouse on the outside and Donald Duck on the inside…


On the outside, i try to be more like a… i dunno, a kaladin from the stormlight archives. I like to put on a brave face, move when i need to, help those of less strength than me.

On the inside, im far more of a Will Treaty from The Rangers Apprentice. I started out shy, and unsure of myself. Im a kid whos growing up in a world moving too fast for him, and it scares me.

On the upside, im starting to develop my confidence. Im becoming more like the kaladin i want to be: a leader, a confident personality, someone i could lean on in times of stress. That being said, though, i doubt ill ever manage to shake the scared kid in me completely. The worlds a thorny trail, and i forgot bandages. Sure, ill get cut, but if that stops me, some frickin balimora i am.


Oooh! This is really interesting and tricky. There are a lot of characters I love, and even some I would sort of model, but finding characters that reflect me is way more complicated.

The external one is especially hard, because I don’t have a solid understanding of how others percieve me. However, I once had a friend refer to me as “a darker-and-edgier Anne of Green Gables,” so I suppose we can run with Anne Shirley.

If I had to narrow it down, I think my internal self is something pretty close to Jill Pole from The Silver Chair, with a dash of Luna Lovegood’s trademark “dreamland nonsequitur” energy.


I would also like to trademark this energy


Tamora Peirce is amazing! though you ought to give P. C. Cast a try as well.


So good! I’ve never heard of P. C. Cast so I’ll have to look into that, thanks!


This is an absolutely fascinating topic!! I have a tendency to insert myself/align myself with a lot of protagonists/other characters in some of my favorite books. The character that resonates the most with me is my favorite character from my favorite series (typical i know) Feyre, from the A Court of Thorns and Roses series. The way that she’s portrayed is so authentic, and the way her arc allows her to move from this state of suppressing herself to acknowledging and then hating herself to eventually accepting herself completely, the wonderful and the horrible, is something that I strive for every day.

Related question: is there a topic on the forum where the mounties talk about/share their favorite books?


Yeah! We’ve got a whole Bookish category! There are threads to share your current reads, look for recommendations, talk about your favorite books from different genres, and you can always make your own thread if there’s something there you want to talk about that doesn’t quite fit in an existing thread!


:heart_eyes: I knew you were my people :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


ok, on the outside:
I try to appear as calm and collected, with warmth as Lessa the Wyrwoman from Dragon Riders of Pern.

Inside: I think I am at this point more like Sophi from the begining on May Day celebration, as well as her feeling of being super old, from the book Howl’s Moving Castle, while having the ability to be warm and caring when I finally do open up.