Wyvern's Journal

Hi everyone!

I’m Wyvern, my pronouns are she/her (probably), and the AG Forum is an integral part of my life <3

I have an honors degree in psychology and anthropology with a minor in history, but my interests are all over the place and I plan on becoming a zookeeper/animal care specialist. I love puzzles and I know a lot about animal science and ecology, and when I get my mind fixated on something I can’t think about anything else.

I’m not sure what else to say but, hello again!


I can’t believe I’ve been gone so long and I don’t even know where to start to catch up!!

I moved into my apartment in Florida just a few days ago and THAT was only a few days after my graduation. I’m exhausted mentally and physically, but I’m super excited to have the time to be on the forum again! I missed this so much you can’t believe it. It felt like something deep and integral was missing from my life. I’ll try to catch up so I can help out with puzzles and just generally engage like I want to again!

Love you guys!


Glad to have you back! Moving is exhausting, hope you can get everything unpacked and settle in quickly.


There’s a wasp’s nest right outside my window, hanging from the gutter. I’ve been enjoying watching them come and go, knowing they’ll only be around for this summer. Paper wasps like these only live essentially for this one season, then their colony will die and the new queen will find a place to lay low until she can start a new nest somewhere else next summer. It feels like we’re sharing our time with each other in a way that’s surprisingly grounding for me.


Okay update: I had resolved to be more active on the forum again, and soon thereafter managed to aspirate some water which has really messed up my throat haha. Or really the coughing messed up my throat and led to more coughing etc. etc. SO, I feel terrible! But I’m fine, on the whole, it’s just hard to pay attention to things.

I miss the forum a bunch, but rest assured I’m still lurking and reading everything!! I just can’t really contribute to solving stuff at the moment. Just my luck to literally mess up drinking water haha!