Wonder and curiosity on the loose

Gargoyles, Big Foot, Loch Ness, Black Dog, Yeti and many other mythical cryptids are said to roam our world. But what if they’re not mythical, what if they’re escapees from a land full of wonder and curiosity. A place like Neithernor. What if these creatures used to reside in Neithernor and over many years slipped through the doors into our world. Maybe the only reason no one has seen them is because a crack team of Monarchs are sent to capture and return them to Neithernor. What are your thoughts?


I have always been a fan of cryptids, and while I can see a connection between our idea of mythical beasts and what little we know on Neithernors Fauna. I think it is safe to assume that either Wool, Silver, 18… or maybe all three would get involved. From what we have seen a slip in magiq leaves all the paths, councils, and societies baying at their heels.


What if they’re not from Neithernor at all? What if they’re living wells, things that whatever hid magiq from our world just missed?

I like to imagine the world in the Book of Kings, with dragons soaring through the skies, unicorns holding court in deep forest glades, and societies of Sasquatch in the wild, untouched places of the world.


I think cryptids could have a foot in the magimystical realm. After all, technically Monarch’s Mountain exists in the mundane. The pamphlet about the group was released and you can find information on it online. We even had a blog post about it in the very beginning of everything. So it’s safe to say that the Silver didn’t stamp out complete knowledge of the Monarchs, just most of it beyond rumors.

So maybe there are magimystical beasts that started the rumors for certain cryptids. But I imagine the actual creatures are pretty far from our conception of it, you know?