Wiki: The Wishing Jar


The Wishing Jar is a book that was read by Deirdre Green as a child in Neithernor, which she then rediscovered as an adult in the Neithernor vault.


Little is known about The Wishing Jar, except for the fact that it was at one point read by Deirdre Green. It was mentioned in Deirdre’s blog post, “The Six Books”.

Deirdre’s Story

In Neithernor, Deirdre finally recovered her memory of her father reading her The Wishing Jar:

The little girl watched the wrinkles crinkle at the edges of her father’s eyes as he acted out the grandfather in the story. Her young father looked older in her memories now. Gray in his beard, and his hair growing thin. There was an urgency to his reading. It mattered. She didn’t know why at the time. She was just happy to have him.