Wiki: Nib

Nib is a '94 Mountaineer who was taken by the Storm.


Nib was mentioned in Knatz’s journal entries, in Phase Four. According to Knatz, Nib was a Mountaineer who was active on the forum near the beginning. When Benefactor sent materials from Ackerly Green’s offices to some of the recruits, Nib received a locked briefcase. He’d tried figuring out the combination, but nothing worked. He even took it to a locksmith who said he’d never seen anything like it. Knatz was able to track down Nib’s location in Spartanburg, South Carolina, and she met up with Saberlane to try to find Nib and the briefcase.

The town of Spartanburg was small, so Knatz and Saberlane were able to track down Nib’s house by asking about a nerdy, bookish, perhaps reclusive guy. They were eventually sent to an old house just outside of town, near Lake Blalock. The inside of the house had been trashed, either from messiness or the Storm. Saberlane found him in the cellar, where he’d been hidden away for weeks, maybe a month. He’d been eating food his mom must’ve canned twenty years ago. He thought a hurricane had come through Spartanburg. He thought he’d made it through and Knatz and Saberlane were coming to rescue him. His mind was wiped, and he was agitated and scared.

Knatz tried to talk to him using counseling techniques, but he was non-responsive. Knatz asked him again and again about the briefcase, but he didn’t respond until they went to leave. Nib said that he had felt that something was coming for him and, when it did, he left “it” with “Faris.” Knatz was able to surmise that Faris was the name of Nib’s boat and, on the dock next to the boat was a rope. When she pulled it up, she found a black trash bag with the briefcase inside.

Knatz called an ambulance for Nib, but she heard thunder across the lake. Knatz and Saberlane agreed to stay as long as they could with Nib, but when they went back inside the house, he was gone. Knatz and Saberlane decided to drive to Atlanta rather than stay in the area, and during the night, as they drove, Knatz believed that she saw Nib on the side of the road, watching them as they passed.