Wiki: Kilvesh

Kilvesh was a member of the '94 Mountaineers.


Kilvesh was mentioned in Knatz’s journal entries in Phase Four. According to Knatz, several of the '94 Mountaineers had been on a conference call to discuss the latest fragment puzzle. The call was done in secret, without Tinkerdown’s knowledge, as the Mounties knew he would be concerned, after the forum was attacked by the Storm. When they were on the phone, the Storm had come for one of the Mountaineers, and it was able to get them all. A Mountaineer who had come late to the call, Seashifter, found them speaking gibberish after the attack.

After the '94 Mountaineers were attacked by The Churning Storm, once they reached Fragment Twelve, Kilvesh disappeared without a trace.

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