Wiki: Jonah Dobner

Jonah Dobner is a character in the Briarverse.


Jonah Dobner first posted to the forum as @jdobner95 in February 2020, explaining that he worked in a psychiatric hospital in the northeastern United States and had a formerly amnesiac patient who previously spent her days repeating the word “sorry,” “come to” one day and repeatedly write the word “Magiq” on the walls of her room. The use of “magiq” with a “q” led him to find the Guide to Magiq and the forum, where he reached out to the Mountaineers for help. Together, they were able to determine that the patient in question was Sacha, and Jonah helped coordinate a visit from Brandon Lachmann’s mother, Susan, so that Sacha could apologize. Susan and Sacha’s meeting resulted in the release of Part One of The Book of Briars.