Wiki: Ishi

Ishi is a friend of Sullivan Green’s who helped cast the original Calling the Corners spell on Deirdre Green.


Ishi was a dedicated friend to Sullivan, willing to travel throughout the world in order to follow his wishes.


Ishi was a member of a sort of coven, a group of six friends who’d been performing magic in secret. She helped teach Sullivan Green the ways of magiq, along with Colby Fortin and the rest of her coven, but he left them to follow the paths of Wool and Silver. During the year leading up to Aisling Green’s death, Sullivan arranged for the six coven members to take part in the Calling the Corners spell, which included help from Ishi.

In the time leading up to Sullivan’s death, he contacted Ishi and the others, asking for their help in the event that Deirdre broke his spell. To ensure Deirdre could follow the path set out for her from her father, Ishi followed the painting “One Hundred Stories of Demons and Spirits” from museum to museum, making sure it remained accessible.

When Deirdre freed herself from her father’s spell at the end of Fragment Eight, she encountered Ishi in Tel Aviv, Israel, as described in her blog post, “Knocking Back.” She was unknowingly introduced to Ishi, appearing in the guise of an art curator, after a week of waiting to see the piece. Deirdre met Ishi at her house, after having stolen the page from the Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art. After showing Deirdre the piece, Ishi told Deirdre that Sullivan had told her to expect a call someday about this page. When Deirdre asked what Sullivan’s purpose had been for the journal’s clues, Ishi said she didn’t know, that “no one knew what ‘Sully’ was up to in those last days. He was frantic, driven. She said I probably knew more than anyone else by now. (She would be incorrect.) She told me she could see him in my eyes.”

Ishi left Deirdre alone in her office, believing she’d heard someone at the door, but when she opened it, nobody was there. Then, something started knocking on the closet door behind her. Terrified, Ishi asked Deirdre what she’d brought into her house. Ishi told Deirdre she had to leave, but Deirdre begged her to explain Sullivan’s journal, and to help her find the truth. However, Ishi pushed Deirdre out of her house, every door knocking as they went. Deirdre ran from the house, while Ishi’s fate remains unknown.