Wiki: Isabella Rank

Isabella Rank is a character in the Briarverse. She is the ex-wife of journalist Martin Rank, and the mother of their child, Sebastian.


Isabella is described as a beautiful woman of Mediterranean descent, who loved being a mother and patiently humored Martin’s drive to root out corruption as a young journalist. Even after their divorce, she remained kind to Martin, sending him photo and email updates about Sebastian as he grew up, and lending him the use of her beach house when he needed somewhere to protect the Kemetic Solutions trio.


Isabella and Martin met as students at NYU, where they fell in love as college juniors and were married and expecting their son, Sebastian, by the time they graduated. When Sebastian was born, she worked from home writing a monthly column for a fashion magazine called L’Officiel. After the incident in the library led to their divorce, she remarried but continued to keep in touch with Martin about Sebastian.