Wiki: Crimson Hall


The Crimson Hall was the location of The Cagliostro’s final performance and the site of his death on January 31st, 2017.


The Crimson Hall is a Rosicrucian temple. It contains 32 seats. The building is in the shape of a hexagon, with seats placed around the edge of the room. There is a platform on the upper left side of the room, upon which the Cagliostro performed his tricks. In the center of the room is a pattern of six circles, each touching a corner of a smaller hexagon. Somewhere in the building is a side door, which Martin Rank used to escape with Lauren Ellsworth after the Cagliostro performed The Translation.


The Crimson Hall is a Rosicrucian Temple located deep within Grand Central Station. It was chosen by The Cagliostro to be the location for his final performance. The building itself was torn apart after The Translation, which opened up a magical portal that “looked like it went on for miles inside. A million miles.”