Why Gossmere?

Hi fellow Gossmerim!

I’m Augo, one of the Gossmere guild leaders. I thought we could discuss a little bit about our guild and ourselves, and how they interface. So my question to you all is:

What did the Magiq Guide see in you that brought you to Gossmere?

I’ll start. The easy answer would be the fact that I work in healthcare, out in the mundane world. Gossmere houses the stereotypical “healers,” but I think it has much more in it than just that. Having been in the guild for a while now, I often do, however, think about Gossmere during my day-to-day duties on the job.

I think what the guide really saw in me (or how I saw myself through the lens of the guide, at least) was my affinity for people. I love working with people. I love listening to their stories, talking with them, and brightening their day a little when I can. I love being part of a community; in different stages of my life (college, grad school, different jobs) people have always joked that I’m “the Mayor” - I know everyone and everyone knows me, I’m a friendly and welcome part of the greater group.

What about you?


For me, I think it is definitely about community. I work as an estimator for an electrical contractor, but what was important to me was a company I could work for and help build as well as the people I get to work with. I have found that most of the things I do are typically centered around being around people. I will play sports, watch movies, and just go out and do things that normally wouldn’t interest me because I enjoy spending time in a community. I think that is what is draws me so much to Gossmere. While I could sit down and see traits that could match other guilds, community is what is most dear to my heart and why Gossmere is the place for me.


Funnily enough I retook the test today and (obviously) got Gossmere so I’m a little late to this party but better late then never?

I was brought here because after reading through what a Gossmere was after getting it on the page I saw the Healer (I’m a designated medic) and Warrior looking to stand up for people (Long story would rather not get into it) and they just stuck out at me. Another big part was the community as well because if I get into a community and I see ways that relationships are strained or something isn’t working efficiently I try to fix it in any way I can! So pretty much every aspect brought me here! I left out teacher because who doesn’t like helping teach people things?

Sorry if this is a little jumbled i’m trying to do twenty things at the same time!


It sounds like a great fit, @Ignatius. Happy to have both you and @Guddrik_Vollan in our guild!


For the first six months of me being a mountie, the guide did not put me in Gossmere. It saw signs of Ebenguard, traces of Weatherwatch… Both of which I can completely understand. I went to Gossmere I think for a few big reasons, mostly my affinity for hope, which I have always seen as one of my defining traits.

However, when I retook the guide after being a Mountaineer for awhile, and actually received Gossmere as my result… I realized it was largely because being in Gossmere allowed me to embrace and celebrate the softer qualities I had always seen as traits I didn’t enjoy about myself. Now, I see myself in Gossmere as a large part because those traits have come to shape how I see the world. A desire to help, and to create wonder in those who I have the honor to call my friends. I think Gossmere for me has been about not just accepting others, but also myself. I think the guide recognized in me the need for self-acceptance and saw past my more superficial characteristics.