Who Are We Now?

The Book of Briars is burned.
The storm has destroyed what we as a group came together to uncover, sadly there is little chance of finding out what the book contained now. So now that the book is burned, and our beloved Ituski is gone… who are we?
We are a family, atleast in my eyes we are family. In society some of us are outcasts, some of us are popular, some of us like to stay in the background. Like any good family we are made up of incredible unique people, but unlike born families we got to choose eachother,
Thats pretty cool.
So in the wake of this loss let us mourn, but not loose sight of who we are and what our mission is.
We are a the Mountineers, and we will uncover magiq.
Love you all


Who are we now? It’s simple: We’re still Mountaineers, and we’re going to keep climbing.

Despite everything we’ve been through over the past week, nothing and no one can change that, no matter how hard they try.


I agree with all of this so much. And what Augustus said as well. The BoB brought us all together. But it isn’t going to be what keeps us together. We have a longing for the world that has been hidden from us for all this time. We started something, the destroying of the BoB doesn’t get rid of that.

Let’s continue to explore. Let’s continue to create Magiq. Cast spells. Let’s not forget that there is a world out there we are only beginning to comprehend. That we are only beginning to scratch the surface of. There is a Council of the 18 Gates still out there, who were willing to protect us. If we get the chance to communicate with them, you better believe I am willing to see where that goes.

Let’s use this time to regroup. Let’s use this time to figure out where we want to go as a group. We are Mounties. We have casted spells, we have created spells, we have survived the burning of the Morgan Library, and our run in with KS. I am not saying we shouldn’t mourn. We have lost the BoB and Itsuki. But let’s use their memory to forge ahead. This is uncharted territory now. But we get to dictate where we go as a group now. I don’t know about any of you, but that is exciting to me.


Like I said on Fragment 12, there are things we do know, but right now, we don’t quite know what to do with it.
Everyone being out of KS, the KS data…we’re going to have to wait for them to get themselves back together and hope someone drops in on us.


We have all four fragments - one of which is on the Book itself! That’s something. Let’s try to put them together without any help and see what happens.


We are those who have found, rediscovered, created and recreated the magiq we have lost. We are those who have opened doors, open minds, and opened hearts to each other.
We are those who have seen better, heard better and tasted the sparkle in the air.
We are a bloody good team.
We are a family by word and deed.
We have knowledge, we have skills, we have patience.

We have each other.

And if we have 12 fragments and part of a book, bring me my sticky tape and welding torch.


Provides tape and torch

We all have work to do.


We are who we have always been. Just better at everything now than when we began, smarter than when we started, and a heck of a lot cooler.


I’ve been thinking about it for awhile. The book mostly.

Marty guessed it’s a spell. Spells are created and cast for a purpose. What was the purpose of the spell?

What if the point of the spell wasn’t to open the doors? But to bring together a group of talented individuals who could themselves open the doors?

I don’t think the storm burned the book quite so much as the book had successfully cast it’s magic It completed it’s purpose. The spell has been cast, and here we are.

Now let’s just not screw this up from here. :wink: But I think we’ll be okay.


Well, I guess we know what despair is now!


That’s an idea I had awhile ago @Robert! Instead of the book being an access or lock to the doors, it brings people together to open them.


I agree with what you all have said above.

We are The Mountaineers, and we are searching for truth.

Whether that’s the truth of our world, or another world. Whether it’s the truth of magiq, or whether it’s the truth of ourselves and what’s important to us. Look at Diedre and her family, and what they found along their journey - good and bad.
Or maybe it’s a little bit of everything, discovering more truth in our lives than what we started with.

Look at what we’ve found along the way, who we’ve found, and what we’ve created.
This isn’t even close to the end, but if it was it would be something to be more than proud of.


We are the mountineers! The first itteration to ever survive the storm.
that is something to be proud of!


That’s the spirit, Mounties!