What's Your Signature Item or Accessory?

Hi all! You know how in games, comics and tv shows characters tend to wear the same thing all the time, or identifying colours and items? As a character designer myself I think about it a lot; what would my signature item be, that marked my character? And now I’m curious about all of yours, too!

I’ll start off, I always wear fingerless gloves. Whether it’s the ones which are basically arm warmers with thumb holes, or actual half-finger length warmer ones, I’m seen wearing them more often than not! Unless it’s the height of summer, of course… As for colours, I wear a lot of black and red.

Let me know what your items are! Do you have a particular shirt you wear a lot? A cool belt buckle? An interesting walking stick? A shiny pair of shoes? Do you always wear your favourite colour? I’m curious! :blossom:


I mean I have three pairs of the same make and coloured trousers, three shorts that are all the same and six t-shirts that are all the same. But this is due to my autism and hypersensitivity. My uni teach once thought I was depressed as it looked like I was wearing the same cloths everyday :laughing:


I definitely get you on having the same set of clothes to wear (the amount of identical black leggings I have…identical except for the holes… It just feels right to wear that specific type of leggings all the time) and it’s good to have clothes you always feel comfortable in! It’s hard finding clothes with the right texture :blossom:


I despise jeans and formal cloths :laughing:

I sometimes wear a ring and a braided bracelet that my old boyfriend got me


I can only wear jeans if they’re a hand-me-down, they feel way too scratchy if they’re new
And that’s cool! I love to see what kind of jewelry people wear (I can’t wear rings for long myself so I have to see other people do it, y’know?) :blossom:


Oh I almost forgot I also have my Thornmouth winter hat and Oracular Eye cap I wear!

(Unfortunately my mum washed my cap and it’s now a shelf ornament :roll_eyes:)


I have been told that if I were a character in a game that my default outfit would be a comic book t-shirt, khaki cargo shorts, and chacos since that is what I always wear when I am not obligated to wear something else.


Ooh, good look! Gotta love a good comic book shirt, someone’s gotta rep it! :blossom: I’ve got a few myself!


I wear the six different shirts to work and they are all plaid short sleeve button up shirts. I also always wear khakis. I find it makes my life easier when I don’t have to think about what I am going to wear.


So, I live and die in jeans most of the time (either dark blue or black) and mostly wear pop culture t-shirts (lot of video game ones and TMP :D ). Used to always wear black boots (cause they were sooooooo comfey to walk in and I could get away with them in school), but now it’s normally trainers. Part of my outfit that never changes though are my rings and necklaces (I very rearly take them off):

The ring on the left is one of my birth stones, blue zircon.


Ooh right now I don’t seem to have anything that really fits the bill, although I pretty much always wear 1 of 3 jackets no matter the season so maybe that?? I used to always wear a leather bracelet but that broke a while ago.

There are some accessories I like that I might start…trying to make into signature items in the vein of @Nimueh!


Ooo I love this! I’m never found without my rucksack, it’s like a security blanket for me. It’s about half my size and basically a bucket with straps. It’s amazing :heart:

Beyond that, if it’s been two or more weeks since my last haircut I love a floppy hat. In Canada we call it a touque but outside of Canada no on knows what that means. Some people call it a beanie too. I’ve got three at the moment and my partner has to talk me off the ledge whenever I see another one I like.

@Nimueh I’m loving the blue zircon ring!


I have so much black and blue in my wardrobe, work and otherwise. :deirdrexd:

For regular just-wear-clothes days, I’m usually in an event tshirt of some sort (was mostly concerts, now mostly races). Barring very specific circumstances, I always wear my jeans; even when it’s ridiculously hot out, long jeans. The mosquitoes still manage to bite through them, but I’m not going to make it any easier for them.

As far as actual accessories… if I’m working backstage I usually carry my wrench in my back pocket? :ascendershrug:


Every two years or so I acquire a new Necklace I Never Take Off ™. Right now it’s this one. The etching on the disc is the latitude/longitude coordinates for Mt. Elbert, the tallest peak in Colorado which I summited a couple years ago. The other side has the coordinates of my favorite spot from my trip through Turkey, the Göreme Open Air Museum in Cappadocia.


I always wear a tie bar. I have a few of them, but I’m never without one at work. This is going on 15+ years.


I have a ring that my parents got me for my 18th birthday that I wear everyday, to the point that if I leave the house without it, I get all jittery

It’s got Love, Mum & Dad engraved on the inside band, so it’s a nice little reminder of my family when I’m not at home.


The one thing I currently wear every day is this boar head bracelet. My husband gave it to me for my birthday the first year we were dating and I’ve worn it pretty much every day since.


My signature style used to be gray t-shirt and jeans with construction boots and wearing a San Damiano (Saint Damian) crucifix (my name is Damian) on a dog tag chain. I’ve since changed my style but I will always be wearing the San Damiano cross on a dog tag chain:


My signature is my purple hair, it doesn’t matter if it’s bright and new or so run out it’s almost blue.


Ooh wow! @Nimueh I love that necklace so much! What a fantastic design, the triskelion and the pentagram together, I don’t think I’ve seen anything quite like it before! The ring is fantastic too

@Nimuir I believe in you! Accessories that become signature ones sometimes come by accident, sometimes on purpose. I’m sure you’ll find something appropriately Nimuir-y!

@Pocket the concept of you with a giant rucksack like a giant pocket is so cute! I kinda imagine you going on tiny pocket sized adventures with some giant blueberries and a big leaf to keep the rain off of you! Very ‘borrowers’ :seedling:

@Ashburn the name makes me think of red and grey so it’s interesting to hear you wear lots of blue! And a wrench is definitely an interesting accessory. I feel like there’s stories to be had there…

@Viviane oh, that’s a fantastic necklace! I love the history behind it too, what a sentimental item… That’s so lovely!! It’s a cute design too!

@BarkbytheGrace that’s a super lovely ring, and it’s such a sweet touch! I can really see how much love is in it too. Isn’t it amazing that some objects just have so much sentimental power? It’s practically magic(q)!

@Sorrel another gorgeous sentimental item! I love seeing items like these. They all carry so much love and history in them! It looks fantastic as well!!

@KingDAP ooh, that’s a really interesting design! I can’t say I know much about the saints and crucifixes, but that’s such a lovely story, and it’s always good to have something that matches a namesake!

@Strix I love to have coloured hair too! Purple is such a lovely colour. I’m glad you found a colour that matches you perfectly!