What would you like to see from AGP in 2018+?

Hi everybody!
I’m planning 2018 (and beyond) and I’m interested in what you’d all like to see from me and AGP…
You can be as general or specific as you want…

Merch, podcasts, roleplaying, character exploration, interactive experiences…
Really interested in what you’re interested in.


Guild related scarves. all guild colours and maybe a small symbol of that guild in the end of the scarf.

Balimoran messenger turtle Tshirt.
Balimoran Messenger Turtle Mug

In terms of story… probably just more insight into the big guilds in MM. We know they exist, but what are their politics? Power structure?


A guild scarf, possibly guild jackets, more adventures, more fun. Roleplaying is something I can’t wait for, so hopefully Neithernoor adventures along with other events. Maybe in-person events?


Definitely craving more interactive experiences. And within that, two subjects I’d be really interested to get involved with:

  • Exploring the Low - We had some encounters with the Low in TMP, but it would be cool to kind of infiltrate, see how things were in the same way that Constance and Aether did.
  • Monarch’s Mountain - Of course the end of TMP set us up to be curious about them, with Ascender and Endri now off doing MM business. There’s a huge mystery of what they’ve been doing all this time that I’d love to explore.

Actually… I think I’m just a sucker for exploring/infiltrating secret societies. :joy:

Hmm… Beyond that, I think just regular story content of some sort? I love my tinfoil, so anything that can enable that.


First and foremost for me it’s working together with smart people to solve problems that seem insurmountable alone. Generally that tends to be in the form of puzzles since there’s a very easy metric to measure success by, but creative collaborations work too.

Second I like the lore of the magiqverse so I’d like to see movement there. Doesn’t have to be anything earth shattering. The occasional visiting old friend, loose end tied up, and new questions rising out on the horizon just to keep things seeming alive.


I too hope for more interactive experiences, and look forward to learning more MM and the low, but I’m also really curious about Wool and Silver in general. The details of the split, who was involved, ect. As a history buff it would be really cool to see some Victorian era Magiqverse stuff. Also the spiritualist movement of the 20’s and 30’s I think would be an awesome era to explore. Also, Colby’s coven??

As for merchandise I am totally here for guild scarves. I think that would be an awesome way to rep guild pride. Also I know we talked about this briefly on discord but guild dice could be really fun for face to face RP’s. I know me, Anya, and Rose could have a lot of fun with that.

(PS, would love to see the occasional Endri, Bash, and or Ascender next year)


Maybe random events with some of the characters, like the Steve puzzles that just happened! We could help them with potions, exploring Neithernoor, and anything really!