Tips for Trust Level 2 and The Age of Magiq

A Guide for Trust Level 2 and The Age of Magiq

Below are a few helpful tips for those just joining Trust Level 2 and The Age of Magiq:

  • No one person is the “chosen one” of our narrative. We are the collective hero of the story. We are a collaborative community, and decisions and choices that affect the story are made together.

  • It often helps to listen more than post in the beginning of your access to Trust Level 2. Also, knowing the story that has come before is crucial to being a member of the in-world Mountaineers and helping to tell the story. Volume One of The Monarch Papers is available for free for joining the Mountaineers, and Volume 2 is available at the Ackerly Green online book shop and all other digital booksellers. (You can also catch up via the wiki or fragment recaps, but there is additional narrative in the adapted novels you can’t read anywhere else.)

  • In the Magiqverse, you don’t have to be anyone but yourself. There’s no need to take on a different persona or character like you would in a role-playing game. A big part of the fun of the Magiqverse is getting to know your fellow readers who are also inhabiting it, and to do that it’s best if you’re you. Think of it as You + Belief in Our Special Brand of Magiq.

  • The AGP staff and Leadership are dedicated to maintaining the immersive aspect of our forum, as well as the positive, welcoming energy of our community. If you find that one of your in-world posts has been edited by AGP Staff or Leaders it’s because there was something in it that was in conflict with either the narrative of the Magiqverse, broke immersion for other readers, or was inappropriate. This is usually not a problem or a red flag and nothing to worry about. There is a flagging system in place though, and if you receive an official flag from staff or admin, it’s because your post had a more complex issue that couldn’t be quickly resolved, was temporarily hidden, and your attention is needed to right it. We want to make every effort for you to express yourself and get involved, but the “sanctity” of the in-world areas of the forum are our priority.

  • There may come a time when you will perform an act of magiq. In that scenario, please notify @Magiq via PM when the moment is at hand. If you have questions about how “@Magiq” works, feel free to PM your guild leaders who will be happy to answer your questions.

Welcome to The Age of Magiq!