Time's 100 Best Fantasy Books

TIME Magazine recently published The 100 Best Fantasy Books of All Time (and an article about the selection process they used).

Clearly, there is bias in how/why the books on that list were selected; this is a topic that defies objectivity, there are plenty of books on the list which were written by the authors involved with the nomination process, and they are clearly missing the Birarverse books.

Why I bring this up though is, as I’m creating a GoodReads shelf for this list, I’m actually reading the titles and authors, and very often, the synopsis on the GoodReads pages, and noticing how many authors and protagonists of colour, and how many cultures, are included. This is bringing me a lot of joy because BIPOC individuals, non- western-European cultures are so often excluded from the world of Fantasy & Science Fiction. As a white cis-woman, I need to expand the scope of what I read in my favourite genre, and think this provides a good place to start.


This is such a fantastic list!!


Amazed how little Terry Pratchett is in there and surprised they picked Wee Free Men.

Glad that a fair few of my favourites are in there.

Might challenge myself to read them all in the next 2 years (anything less is going to be impossible) maybe 3 years so I can read all the books from trilogy/series that aren’t on the list but are linked.


I noticed that about some of the series! Seriously, how am I expected to read books 2/3/etc without reading the preceding texts?!


Show of hands if the list added more books to your “Want to read” list? 🙋