Time lines

So given that we’re dealing with at least 2 maybe 3 timelines or parallel realities this thread is for us to side by side events and info from the two.

I’ll go over everything I can find that has 2 versions and mark everything that’s different.

Right now it’s just the article and those who did not die right? Can anybody think of anything else ?


There’s also the journal entry of the man who went into the wilderness.


So let’s summarize what we know.
There are three timelines.

The first to be called Time line A:
We’ll use the king rabbit versions of things like the newspaper clippings.

Time line b:

Here we’ll use the SL original newspaper clipping and things that fit that time line.

Time line C: Brandon lachmann was in the list of those who did not die so let’s assume there’s a third time line where he did not in fact die. (Although this may just mean he’s not dead as in he’s trapped somewhere or something but appears to be dead).


Just so we’re clear, which one is ours, the one we live in?


I’m guessing A.
Is the time line we live in.