Tidal Bearings

Now that we’ve unlocked this new section of the Guide (and a third of the other guilds have started branching off from the all-guild discussion :deirdrexd:), how about finding out where we all sit with these new bearings, what we think these shiny new affinities might do, that sort of thing.

  • Shoalwarden
  • Marentide
  • Nautilore

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I affectionately like to think of Marentide as “so Ebbie it hurts.” :joy:

I definitely like being the person that knows things and can hop in with that knowledge when people need it. Have also suspected I’m not especially approachable on some levels, so that part felt like it was calling me out.

Working backstage and sometimes at the front desk definitely feels like it matches pretty well with the eclipse aspect of balancing time in light and in shadow.

As for Pendulancy, it brings a couple different things to mind: dousing and hypnotism.


A lot of the Nautilore stuff about finding stories in fragments and bringing them into the light reminds me of forensic science, which is something that I’m very interested in.


Shoalwarden seems like its connected to Bardic/Skaldic traditions. as somone who love performing, and burns brightly (aka VERY extroverted, like sun levels) it doesnt surprise me im the solar bearing.I can be the person who can give advice, and im very warm and inviting, but my extroverted tendencies mean i tend to be that center of attention, even when its not warranted.

or maybe im just Extra.

I mean, being the bard and the shield fits me well considering how heavily i was in on the shielding side of our attempt as Stormslaying.


@Ashburn Lol, I feel like I’m called out by the entirety of the Marentide bearing. As a Capricorn, I also kinda feel like it hits the nail on the head for me in more than one way.