Thoughts on the Nature of the guilds, guildhomes, and the wilds nearby

I had a few errant thoughts that went through my head.
We’ve talked at length on the Guilds, and to an extent, the Guildhomes.
What about the wilds around leading to each one? and the All-Guild House?

We know there are plains around the Gosspound, and that Balimora’s Guildhome is in a grove.
We’ve seen The Ascension ail through the skies, and have witnessed the lighthouse of the Thornmouths.
We’re still a little sparse on the details for Ebenrest and the Flintershop.

But what’s in the areas leading away from the Guildhomes? how do they all come together near the All-Guild House? I think each area has a bit of a distinct bent, but tends to be more… general.

And the guildhomes. What did we keep there? what kinds of fauna are there in the wilds and around the houses? did we form relationships with them? did we make use of them like we have with hunting dogs and horses?

So many questions, and so little time to answer them. But I hope you join me along for the ride!
Please, add your observations below, and we’ll see where we take off!