Thornmouth Visual Vibes

Images and art that you feel reflect Thornmouth.

Please attribute artwork if possible!


Unsure if a vibe or a #ThornmouthThing
Also don’t want to continue to cement the idea that Thornmouths HAVE to be bookworms, but … here we are.
There’s a second hand bookstore I LOVE in my city, and I ALWAYS forget they have a second location (because it’s on the other side of the city Oof) and it’s considered their warehouse.
It is wonderfully overwhelming.
Rows and rows and rows.


This is the “mood board” I put together for Thornmouth for the Day of Change 2020:

One of the things I think can get lost to Thornmouth is a sense of design and arrangement. In a sense, Thornmouth is about arranging ideas into constellations, then arranging letters and words into the right patterns to convey those ideas to others with as little loss as possible. The lights we kindle are not only in words, but also in architecture, design, mathematics, and even fashion. (Credits where known: the food image is a dish from Alinea in Chicago, and the satin robe that I dream of as a Thornmouth is made and worn by Tom Ford.)

One of the ways we Thornmouth is when we arrange things to be beautiful, because that beauty conveys a truth.