These Secret Society Pins

Hey, @Saberlane, I saw your blog post on the main AGP site, and I thought this would be the best place to reach out.

Strange things have been happening since my pin arrived. Last night, I put my pin away in my grandmother’s old shadowbox that I converted to hold watches, pins and things on my dresser. It has a glass top. And a latch. I definitely put the pin in there last night. This morning, it was already on a hat that I grabbed out of the closet as I was rushing out of the door to take my Jeep for service. I know I left it in that latched shadowbox last night, and it’s too high up for my kids to mess with.

Anyone else had anything weird happen with their pins?


Okay… so, good to know I’m not the only one, @Augustus_Octavian. There have been a few times where I’ve left it somewhere in the apartment, but it manages to “find its way” onto whatever I’m planning to wear when I leave.

And the weird thing… I can’t 100% remember not putting it on whatever I’m wearing. Does that make sense?


Herman hasn’t moved from my bedside table, but perhaps close proximity was a cause for a couple of the guilds coming up in a dream the night before last. (I really wish I remembered more than that it was Balimora and Thornmouth that were involved)

Edit: And now I’m thinking of Knatz and the 14th fragment. Maybe this is some magiqal karmetic revenge for our dream communications.


Ive had… A few things happen. Ive been drawn to different locations in my home town, specifically a museum that houses early american artifacts (The museum is the most interesting thing in the area, and my towns claim to historical fame)… Ive also met three magiq adepts, which is weird, because I met them all right after my pin arrived in the mail… Something is defiantly up.


Um, yeah. My Herman switched coats with the weather. I think I moved him from my lighter-weight blue coat to my heavier orange one on Wednesday night, knowing it was going to be colder, but I also never check the weather before I roll out of bed in the morning, and yet I dashed out to catch the shuttle to the Metro on Thursday, and there he was on my lapel. Sooo…
There’s another thing, too, and I’m not sure it has to do with the pins, but on my way to work, I usually pass by the old canal path in Northwest D.C. - it’s part of a national park, and the office used to give historic tours, but it’s closed now and the canal hasn’t been watered for years. They’re working on restoring it now, so it’s all fenced off and usually full of construction vehicles. But somehow, as I was walking back up the hill to my bus stop yesterday, I could have sworn that, for just a second as I passed by, I saw a boat in the canal. I turned to look again but it was gone, no matter how hard I stared or what angle I glanced from. So yeah. That was weird.


My pin just arrived on Thursday, so I haven’t had a ton of observation time, but now that I’ve read what you all have posted, something does come to mind. I didn’t initially put my pin on a jacket when it arrived, I left it on my desk to look at more closely in the morning. When I went to go to class though, my denim jacket was waiting on my desk chair. Now I can’t say for sure that I didn’t move it there myself, but so far this year it’s been too cold for that particular jacket so I definitely wasn’t wearing it before. I checked the weather and Friday was the perfect day for it, though. So I pinned it on and went about my day. And now, for the second day in a row in January, it’s unseasonably warm and just so happens to be perfect denim jacket weather. Like the pin knew…Or has excellent fashion sense and just wanted me to be in that jacket. One of the two.


Um…So I wasn’t gonna say anything before I saw this thread, but I’ve noticed some odd quirks in regards to the Herman pin and my other pins?

Usually I wear my Flinterforge guild pin on the collar of my denim jacket… I thought I’d put my Herman pin on my backpack, and I could swap 'em out as I pleased. Well, apparently my Herman pin had other ideas, because it appeared on my jacket this morning, right next to my Flinterforge pin.

I wonder how it might interact with other pins? I’m a bit of an enamel pin aficionado so I might do some testing. I dunno whether I should be amazed or concerned about all of this? :sweat_smile:


How about cautious? I’d say both amazed and cautious…


Mine hasn’t arrived yet but I was planning on painting it silver so it would work with the rest of my wardrobe (yes, I am aware that I’m a fashion snob) but now I’m a little worried. Will it reject the paint somehow? Like I turn around and it’s gold again? Am I legitimately worried about offending a pin? Maybe I should be. Who knows when it comes to magiq.


I just received mine, and it hasnt done anything as of yet, but im also restricted in what i can wear for work.
Maybe it’s being respectful of my restrictions. That or, by being on the sea, it’s happily swimming around and not having a care in the world.

I’m sure it’ll come around and place itself prominently.


I don’t know if this has anything to do with the pin or the Secret Society, but the @AckerlyGreen Instagram handle I registered (and how Deirdre found me) just… updated its own bio?

I didn’t write any of this:

And I’m not sure who did. There doesn’t seem like any suspicious activity on the account (as far as I can tell, but I’m an old so what do I know?)


Everything is infused with magiq today.
We can check on it for sure. Any ideas team?


I could take a few to the R&D lab for testing, but we’ve had a recent brachursis infestation and there are still teacups appearing from nowhere.


I havent gotten mine yet, but things are ending up uprooting themselves and appearing against my wall in the direction of my pin. Its gotten a tad annoying by now.


Okay this is rediculous. I thought you guys were just exaggerating or absent minded but when I pulled my coat out of storage today the pin was already on it. that coat has been in a vacuum sealed bag since March of last year. I’m feeling a little betrayed by my own wardrobe right now and more than a little unnerved.


Today was extremely normal for me. Until classes finished.
I got back to my dorm, ready to take a nap and immediately noticed that something changed.
Looking at my desk, everything was reorganized and cleaned, apart from my journals which,
normally kept in my bottom drawer, now rested in the center of the desk.
I noticed a paper sticking out of the top journal and when I opened it to that spot,
lying there on the new blank page was the pin. I wasn’t expecting it this soon.
Seems like I have some new things it wants me to start writing down.


First of all I’d like to say that @Sellalellen you look excellent in that coat.

My pin went missing today. I don’t know where, or how - I left it right next to my wallet on the nightstand overnight. It was not there when I woke up. I have looked for it everywhere.

I’m really hoping it wasn’t due to some clumsiness on my part, but I swear that I left it there next to my wallet. I wear it on my lapel or jacket or shirt every day, so I’m always really careful to put it where I can find it again right away. Hopefully it turns up.


My pin appears to just sit around all day. But I have come home a couple of times to find it in places I didn’t put it, like on the book shelf.


Mine moved around more at first (I can’t believe I’m saying this in all seriousness) but lately had decided to take up residence on my winter hat. Maybe because it’s warm? Thank you, Mounties, for bringing me into a world where fashion accessories move of their own accord.


Unfortunately I didn’t manage to pick one up before they disappeard from the store. :sob: