Theories on the scrap paper page

So I’m convinced the page fragments are for a ritual to find hidden things. I think completing this just gives us a tool.

I wonder how we’ll have to use it? Will it be one time use only? Also everything about this first page has been about plants and ingredients to the tea.

Might be something to consider for the next fragments.


I thin you’re right. Since there are four locks on the Book of Briars, it makes sense that we will need to put together four fragments to unlock each lock (16 total).

We have three right now and one enterprising recruit has already done a wonderful job of piecing the pieces together. You can tell we almost have a full page now. Once we have the fourth fragment, I assume we will have to figure out the puzzle the fragments gives us to unlock that first lock (basically, give us a key word or phrase to enter in the BoB URL just like the fragments).

Sadly, as of this moment, I’m not sure any of us have an idea where to start looking for the fourth fragment. We’ve found the one “in the ground” (King Rabbit’s Burrow in the Fray) and the dirge (The Last Traveler’s poem). It’s possible KR left more clues, but with the two bits of bonus material he gave us, I think his burrow is most likely tapped out.

Usually the Book itself will send along a clue to get us going in the right direction, so if we’re lucky, we’ll get a message from the book soon. If not, we’ll have to figure out where to go from here.


Yup, we just have to keep an eye on some of our usual sources. Deeds, CRSumner, and the Book of Briars of course. Sooner or later something will come up. After all the time trying to tease meaning from that poem, I welcome the short respite, honestly.

I have no doubt we’ll all be crazed and looking for meaning soon enough.


Hmm I dunno but I dunno if the fragment are the keys.

This one creates a page for finding hidden things. Which may lead us to a key or it maybe a hint button or it may just allow us to find more fragments. It’s possible we need 16 fragments then the 4 keys.