The Week of November 27th

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Personally I like the word ‘vlog’, but I’m pretty easy going. One suggestion I’d have is you should get links to the guide, basecamp and this website onto your youtube videos. I’d definitely say put them in the description, but having them in the about page of your channel would be reasonable too. That way if anyone stumbles onto these videos via youtube, or someone shares the youtube link then getting in on the action is a click away. In terms of helping out and sharing information with new people, thanks for the shout out. I view this entire thing as a big RPG experience with you as the DM. Sure it’s our job to go through the obstacles you set up but it’s gotta be fun for you as well. So anything we can do to help I think is good for everyone.Also in terms of you having fun. One of the perks of DM’ing is listening to the insane theories the players come up with and laughing quietly to yourself at either how crazy off base they are or saying ‘You know I wasn’t planning on doing that…but it’s totally something I could throw in’. So I think it’s our duty to offer some insane theories once in a while.


That’s what I keep calling The Monarch Papers! A massive, literary D&D experience. Please keep the insane theories coming and thanks for the suggestion re: Youtube, will roll that out this week.