The Week of March 26th

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Glad to hear you were able to take some time to rest and relax, and spend some time with your family. I am sure your family appreciated it just as much as you did.

As for us, we may not have been as self driven as you may have wanted, but I know for a fact we the vast majority of us were on here daily, poking in and out, posting here and there, and just enjoying the amazing community you have created. I think we all understand rest and relaxation is a must during something like this, just know that we will be patiently (or impatiently for some of us) waiting for this all to continue any other times you need to take some “CJ time”


I agree with the sentiment above. You never need to apologize for taking care of yourself. Without you, all of this wouldn’t exist, so taking care of you is the same taking care of everything here. And we all want you to take care of everything here. We care about you as much, or more than this world. And that’s saying a lot.

If you want to apologize for anything, apologize for scaring your poor @Brendon and me! We were staying up all night worrying about you! You don’t call. You don’t write. You’re staying out late listening to your rock and roll music and doing who knows what! Would it kill you to pick up a phone now and then? I didn’t have these gray hairs before you came into our life, you know?!

Sorry, channeled my mom there. Good to have you back, @CJB.


Can I have the ability to like things more than once? Because I need that for the above post… and I also agree with every single thing Robert said… :older_woman:


Who the hell is this Simon dude and why do you say his name like 100 times? :wink:


I couldn’t love you guys more. Thanks so much for the support and I swear I won’t end up in a ditch any time soon. :smiley: