The Week of January 22nd

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The collaboration was pretty awesome all around I think. I’m still smiling because of it. The whole day pretty much blew away anything else I’ve seen in a long time.


Man, that intro gets me so hyped every time I see it. And I have to agree with what’s been said both in the vlog and by Robert, yesterday was such an incredible experience to be apart of. I don’t think I exited the forum the whole day, it was either up on my computer, or my phone. So I just want to say thanks to you @CJB, even though we are still less than halfway through, this experience is already unforgettable.


Like Brendon said, that intro is so amazing, blows me away every time.

Yesterday was an absolute blast. I was a bit bummed that the livestream couldn’t work, but I totally get that you didn’t want to be kicked out of the library lol. The livestream would have probably made us a bit more helpful to Cole (I hope) but I still liked the messages, and I actually thought it added suspense that we saw Lauren’s email and Cole was silent for a while. I’m not sure if we would have gotten that kind of suspense on a livestream.

The spell was so cool and it really brought us together as a community and for me, kind of humanized us in a way - sometimes I find that it is easy to forget the person behind the screen, but this gave us a peek at the real people behind the usernames. A really cool moment. I was actually in front of my computer the entire day just waiting to see what would happen next. A day well spent I’d say.

I have a couple questions about Patreon - can you change your contribution level monthly? Like can I change to $20, $35, $50, etc. depending on how much I can put towards this every month? I’d like to contribute more when I can.

This experience has been so amazing so far. I’m excited to see what else you’ll come up with.


You guys are the best and I agree, it ended up being even more suspenseful because we couldn’t see anything! (Though it was a fun challenge for me to manage it all without see anything. I even had to reshape the story on the fly. )

And yes @Kelsey, you can absolutely change your contribution monthly. As long as you change it before the first of each month you can increase, reduce, or even pause contribution if you want.


To be honest, I think @Kelsey put it best. Yesterday’s events really made this community feel tight-knit, personal, and meaningful.

Yesterday was my very first day on this forum, as a recruit. I had to play catch up on the six months of amazing progress I had missed, and I had to start integrating myself into the group. I thought the latter would be more difficult by a lot, but I was so very wrong. Everyone was kind and welcoming, eager to help, and very positive. Very quickly I was swept up in the mystery and the intrigue, and soon it felt to me like I had been there the whole time.

And then we decided to cast a spell.

It had been one experience to watch (and participate) in discerning the elements, but in a matter of minutes, I had gone from some random new guy to one of the six chosen to cast the grounding spell. Everyone has a story, and the objects chosen for the spell, the significance and the meaning behind them, really drove that home for me. I got to see a little bit into the stories of five others, and shared a part of my own. It wasn’t hard to feel close, connected, and feel so for more than just magimystical reasons.

Wherever this road takes us, successful in our quest or not, I know we’d get there together, as more than just names above posts, but as companions. That is more meaningful to this experience than anything else. I’m glad I found this place. Shame I couldn’t have done so sooner :stuck_out_tongue:


@Chordie, thanks so much for your comment. You really got thrown into the deep end yesterday! We couldn’t be happier to have you and don’t worry, there’s lots more to come. :slight_smile:


This has been one hell of a week, I can’t express how happy I am to be able to explore these mind games and puzzles with everyone! This is an amazing project and yesterday’s event was… Phew! That was intense and we all loved it so much (aside from the part that one of us stole something and almost got killed).

Thank you for your continuous effort @CJB and thank all of you mountaineers, whether you are Flinterforge, Balimora, Ebenguard, Gossmere, Thornmouth or Weatherwatch I love you all!


Thanks @Ricardo… So happy to have you join the crew!


I’ll have to agree with everything said here. Yesterday’s experience was great.I’ve only been around here for a bit over a week, and most of that week I spent away on vacation, with barely any internet connection, but I’m so glad I made it back just in time for that. It felt honestly amazing.

And, @CJB, I’m so glad you loved the watch! At first I was trying to cram in my fencing sabre… Somehow, because I’m always trying to bring up the fact that I fence even when it’s completely irrelevant (<-- See? I just did it, right there), but everything felt like it was too strained, like trying to fit a round peg in a square hole. But then I thought of the tide of time, and my watch, and investigated a bit, and it all just worked together like clockwork! (Pun definitely intended.)


@Megadraco, you are SUCH an Ebenguard. :slight_smile: Happy to have you (and particularly happy to have a fencer in my home guild.)