The Stationery Discussion Thread!

So a lot of us Mounties go real hard on our stationery game, I thought it would be fun to have a topic to discuss brands and stuff. And also to share hauls if people get new supplies!

Here are some questions to kick off our discussion:

  • What are some of your favorite brands?
  • What’s your current journal? Do you use more than one?
  • What are some of your favorite inks?
  • Do you have anything that you collect?
  • What are some of your recent purchases?

I would love to see pictures of people’s stationery hoards as well. It’s always fun to look at pretty stationery. :cagshearts:


I tend to hoard books more than cheap and small decorative items like stickers. I usually go to Half Price Books stores to hoard books and stationery (especially their clearance shelves where $1-$3 books are located). Most of them are used books, but I do not mind because information does not get worn out! I also hoard small stationery gifts (anything that is under $10), and they are usually at Michaels (Typo is for whenever I feel generous with my money :sweat_smile:). I recently visited a Japanese stationery store named Moshi Moshi, where I can get kawaii stickers, key chains, phone popsockets, and pens at cheap prices! Here is a photo of what I recently bought from that store!


Thought I would add a somewhat recent acquisition:

It’s a refillable Kuretake brush pen with a Sakura design. :cjheart: It’s super pretty and I’m in love. I have several different brush pens for arting, but had never seen one with actual refills.


I ordered some stationary stuff from Aliexpress for the first time…so here’s a lil mini haul!!

Assorted stickers:

Some cute notebooks and a pen with a lil yogurt charm:

Also, close up on the super adorable message on the back of the pen that essentially says “the world is so big, I’m happy/lucky to have met you”

And I got some inks, so when I have a chance to sit down and try out the lovely glass pen that @Revenir sent along, I’ll post some tests!


I would say since studying and teaching I have become a big fan of stationary but also very selective of materials. I use to paint a lot and went to some effort to collect squirrel hair brushes for ink paintings. I like things to be organic.

  • What are some of your favorite brands? I love Moleskin journals a lot and would keep one as a pocket notebook and calendar for each year.
  • What’s your current journal? Do you use more than one? I keep a small moleskin and my iPad for my notes and a lot entered in my phone. I constantly make lists and charts.
  • What are some of your favorite inks? I like Sepia ink or indigo
  • Do you have anything that you collect? I collect Gis these days. I tend to collect books and wraps for boxing.
  • What are some of your recent purchases? My last purchases were beyond coffee and fresh vegetables; new wood 00g plugs, Stance and HUF socks (a man must have fun socks), plum sake and a few new tattoos.

This would appear to be a lot more telling of who I am then I suspected haha.
Sincerely Calm


Stationary i bought in orlando. Figured id keep it simple, but now ive got decent quality letters for sending with my penpal stuff :3


Does anyone have tips on how to use a fountain pen? I bought a pilot metropolitain a while back but found the ink (waterman) to have a tendency to bleed or ghost through paper, so I haven’t touched it much. (Note: the notebook I use tends to have that problem in general, no brand name. Hoping that with better paper this issue won’t happen?)


Cheap paper can most definitely be the cause of that problem.

Tomoe River paper is pretty much the gold standard. But some other good brands are Leuchtturm, Rhodia, LIFE paper, and Kokuyo MIO.

Ghosting is pretty much an issue of thinner paper no matter what, so I’d suggest getting something with a higher weight to avoid it. But Waterman is a pretty good brand so bleeding shouldn’t happen with a good paper brand.


I dont really have a favourite brand, I’m still trialing.

I’m getting on better with an oblique pen holder instead of the usual straight pen holders.
Finding it much easier to scribble in a repeatable way(I have a bad habit of changing handwritting 7+times per side of A4), switching from printer paper to Crown Mill Writting Paper helped a lot too.

Currently have generic black and purple calligraphy inks and I’m currently looking for a vibrant green one. Any recomendations?

I tend to skip envelopes and fold/wax seal the letters before postage. My folding skills leave a lot to be desired.


Ah, I admit I’m less versed in the world of calligraphy inks. Speedball is a tried and true brand, and they have a lovely emerald green color. You might also try the Phthalo Green from Golden’s High Flow line.

I know you can use fountain pen inks - if you’d like to try them, I’d recommend either J. Herbin’s Lierre Sauvage or Vert Pré. Lierre Sauvage is a little more forest-y green, while Vert Pré is more of a bright, almost neon green. I’m also partial to Robert Oster’s Green Diamond.


I use Pilot Metropolitans for most of my writing and if you can find notebooks with paper made from sugar cane pulp it holds up very well to fountain pens. I haven’t tested it with the medium nib, but with the fine it’s very pleasant and doesn’t feather. I use Noodler’s in mine, though.


I’m sort of an origami nerd :sweat_smile: if you ever need a creative letter fold, just let me know! I have lots of patterns memorized.


Good call on the Vert Pré.
A very pretty ink with a bonus in that the bottle has a place to rest your pen.
Thank you for the suggestion.


first of all, i love that ink. second, i love that pen!! i have a solid glass fountain pen with a top nib that looks similar to that; i frankly would love a glass one like that but with a short little wooden handle.

related to general topics, my usual haunt is kinokuniya, and jetpens for all my pens. usually, i use zebra sarasa pens at 0.4 sizing, but i’ve become kind of a fan of bottled inks and fountain pens as of late. i started mixing dove’s blood and bat’s blood inks because i like the way it dries, but they can be a little too watery so it’s been added to some liquid gum arabic. so far, it’s been good!

i don’t particularly have a favorite notebook/sketch book, but i know i usually like 90lbs weighted paper since it’s a good medium weight that can take both inks, watercolor to an extent, general painting, and graphite all in one. not a super heavy-gauge paper that is watercolor paper thickness, but not anything too thin like the usual printer paper, cheaper sketch pads or ruled notebooks.


I’ve found my niche thread :grinning:

I’m in the process of making a wedding card for my friends’ upcoming wedding. I’m making it white and gold themed and I’m trying to find a good looking gold ink or a great quality gold ink pen. Any suggestions?


I suppose it all makes sense that Mounties would be the types that revere the word - My partner and I have a few TSBI pens, a few Montblanc (somewhat accidentally), and I like the Pilot Iroshizuku line, and the Diamine line.

Let’s face it though, I’m a beginner!


I’ve always been super interested in stationary and used to have a huge hoard of Japanese stationary, but I’ve winnowed it down over the years due to space and money - it’s always so hard to actually use the pretties I accumulate, and I hate having clutter around.

My current obsession is the Rocketbook, a smart notebook (connects to an app to scan/upload your notes) that is also reusable with the Pilot FriXion line of pens (which are awesome on their own).While the FriXion pens are easy enough to get in the US, even in regular stores like Target & WalMart, I like using multiple pen colours to take notes. I also love the variety of options from Japanese & Korean stores, so bought a Sailor Moon multi-colour pen to go with my notebook.