The Royal Houses

So these are all the houses of Monarchs Mountain who follow the path of Wool. We also know that the Silver is separate to Monarchs mountain as they followed the path of Silver (Looks like the need to take lessons in coming up with more creative names!).

So what is the house of the Unnamed? A few people have said that it’s the house people first go into before being sorted/named like Lauren was. But this still doesn’t tell us how it’s decided which house you go into but more on this in a bit. So what happens if you don’t get named? Well logic would say you’d stay in the house of the unnamed until you are. But then what happenes if you never get named? Also each House guards a tenant of the faith but we don’t know what these tenants are. So maybe the tenants are similar to ours. I.e. Thornmouth is stereotypically put with Knowledge, Gossmere, Kindness ect ect. However what tenant does the House of the Unnamed protect? We also don’t know how the old houses function as in are they the same as ours? If they are then do we also have a guild for people who don’t fit into any of the guilds?

So we have the Guide to Magiq which tells you which guild you fit into however we don’t know if Monarchs Mountain has a similar thing. But we all know the 6 guilds and what they represent. The guide places you in one of these 6 guilds however you can chose a guild of you think the guild you’ve been placed in is wrong. Each guild has a stereotype however these are very stereotypical views of the guilds and in actual fact the guilds actually over lap each other like a complex venn diagram. So if you feel like you identify with traits of another guild you can become a polyguild. There are all sorts of weird and wacky polyguild names such as Thornmora. But what if you don’t get placed into a guild or you don’t feel like you fit in any of them? Is there a 7th guild? The Guildless?

Sorry if non of this makes any sense :joy:

@Robert and @Revenir have done some amazing articles on Monarchs Mountain (Also sorry for stealing your thunder @Robert)


There might be some stuff here.


It only really talks about what species the butterflies are as it’s apparently far more interesting then the tenants of the Seven Houses and what the House of the unnamed is :roll_eyes:


cough Wouldn’t know anything about it.