The Rabbit King and the Burrow in the Fray

Originally published at: The Rabbit King and the Burrow in the Fray | Basecamp 33
Did I say something about a quiet week in last Friday’s recap? Yes, well, I hadn’t checked the forums.

A new user by the name of KingRabbit717 signed up and started posting this image into just about every topic that mentioned DG:



When asked about it, this is the exchange that occurred between recruit Mike and KingRabbit717

Mike: KingRabbit717, where did you get this image? I've noticed that you've posted it in a few of the threads here on the forum, but have made no other posts. Just curious where it came from and how you think it might be relevant to the BoB.

KingRabbit717: I took that photo of her myself.

Mike: oh, okay. Got it. Do you know if the bag she had is a popular brand? Just curious because I know that every time I see a 33 I’m going to start looking for clues and secret messages. It’s going to make football season very interesting, that’s for sure!

KingRabbit717: The original photo of Deirdre didn’t have the 33. (here he posted the original pic without the 33 on the bag.)

Mike: Wait…that’s a photo of Deirdre?

KingRabbit717: It is. I’m creating a new collection.

Concerned for DG’s wellbeing, recruits started speculating what kind of “collection” King Rabbit was actually creating and if it meant harming DG.

Bash checked King Rabbit’s ip and confirmed that whoever he is, he’s definitely in NYC.

Mike then found a link to KingRabbit’s private Instagram account. KingRabbit accepted the follow requests of several recruits and in his account was the same image he’d posted to the forum. It was tagged at the Whitney Museum and posted twice with the following captions—

"The butterflies were beautiful, all things (re)considered."


“What wilde and wondrous work she found. What otherworldly sights for final days, laid before the bride of butterflies.”

Using clues from the Instagram account bio, recruit Piki then discovered KingRabbit’s website. (You have to see it on a desktop for the full effect.)

KingRabbit then posted the following on the forum—

Excellent work Piki, and down the burrow we all go. Come see my collection, come see. Join me at the bottom where the fraylilies reach and the roots of things you need are waiting. It's sweet and black and warm down here, and all the eyes are watching.
Before deactivating his account. Even Bash can't access it anymore.

So, it looks like we have a confirmed second fragment to hunt down.

As Mike said, “Who’s up for a rabbit hunt?”


(If I missed any recruits who helped, please let me know and I’ll update.)


So, the question is “Who is the Rabbit King?” You know, until he popped up last week I thought we five—Ascender, Eaves, Bash, Itsuki, and myself—knew the most about the Lost Collection (barring the ‘94 Mountaineers). As far as we knew, we were the only ones looking for the Collection in any real, deliberate way. We know there are forces (either physical or supernatural) out there trying to hide the truth, but the Rabbit King is something else. Something new. He’s seems to be someone like us who remembers the books, but is working alongside whatever the Book of Briars really is. Ostensibly “chosen” by the Book. So why him? Why not one of us? Does that mean there are people out there who know more about all of this than we do? And that’s why one of them was chosen? Or is all this a machination by the same forces that have stood in our way for decades and the Book itself is just another part of the lie? I guess I’m sounding a little sour grapes, but when you’ve devoted most of your life to a cause, it’s tough to imagine the cause doesn’t want you.


Any word from Ascender? What is the time line in regards to when we last heard from him and when we first heard from KingRabbit?

My mind goes to strange places.


Hey @Johanna. I looked back and the last time we heard from him was in the forum, when he congratulated everyone for finding the first fragment. That was ten days ago. No word to any of us privately, though Itsuki hasn’t responded to my last message (not unusual, from what I’ve gathered over the years I think he’s married with kids.) This is supremely not unheard of for Ascender, but given everything that’s happening these days I prefer closed ranks. I wish I had more to tell you.


Thanks, @Endri. So what are your thoughts? Are we in a holding pattern until some new information comes out or are we missing something in the clues we’ve already been given?


I have no idea. I tried related words and phrases all night on the burrow site, but nothing worked. It seems like we have the right painting, but I think we’re either over or under thinking it. We don’t even know if this is all we have to do, or if there will be more clues for the other passwords. Feeling a little toyed with.


And quick note - the magic word slots are spot specific so if you have a magic word, like OBJECTA e. Dv., it will only work in one slot. Something to keep in mind though I doubt it matters much. I think the magic words will be doled out in intervals so the next one we get will probably go into the second slot.