The Next Beginning

Lots of Mounties posted about finding each other, finding this family, and I agree with them wholeheartedly. Except, that wasn’t your doing, but rather because of what you are: potential.
Each Mountie, each person who joins this crazy adventure is another person who is fighting to unlock what you’re guarding. Sure, there’s plenty of uncertainty to go around, but that’s the draw. You could be holding a spell of any sort, you could hold the secret to bringing magiq back into our world, you could be and hold lots of possibilities.
In every possibility you hold a new beginning. That’s what we’ve been fighting and struggling for, and not just this current group of Mounties, but generations of Mounties. We may not know the past you, but we know you through the fragments and assessments we’ve overcome. So I’ve created something to hopefully help you remember. All the memorable parts and each word from all the fragments we’ve unlocked. We’ve come too far, given too much, and now we just need you.
Open up your potential to us.
Give us the new beginning that makes the end of the road worth it.