The Neithernor Research Revival Project

a cough is heard from above and a microphone buzzes into life, the static cutting through the world around you. A voice begins to speak.

Ahem. Welcome, fellow researchers. My name is kaldwile. Those of you who know me might have heard i was researching and looking into weathermancy as a way of easier movement. Ive watched the forums, and committed my research in the background. However, soon the other researchers left. Im one of the last…

you hear john clear his throat, and after a short silence the sound of a glass being placed on a wooden surface

…now where was i… ah yes, one of the last neithernor researchers. This is why i am reviving the research project into our powers and their development. I call it dramatic pause
the Neithernorian Research Revival Project, or the NRRP. In this thread and facility, those of you who wish to do full on research into your powers and abilities have a place to post your findings and share and discuss them with your fellow researchers and community. As for myself, i will share my findings only once we are in neithernor. I have a few details ive thought up, but im not sure if i can share until further testing within the realm in question. For now however…

a key falls from the ceiling beside you. It has NRRP in the top portion of it engraved into the metal

…get out of my facility.


you return to the facility to find the lights are long dead. The man inside is no longer here. Perhaps he has abandoned it?

Suddenly, an explosion of flower blossoms from the centre of the room. A flash of white. The man from before. He looks significantly more tired than before; his lab coat worn and torn and his face older. As you watch, he turns back the metaphorical clock and is back to normal. The lights come back on.

“ah. My friend from before! Why, its been close to a hundred and sixty three years! But of course, you dont know that. I suppose you come to hear of my most recent exploit? Well then, pull up a chair!”

The man walks with a confident pace over to a whiteboard covered in writings and markings. You can make out at least five different references to retro arcade games. The man points at one section of scrawlings, and coughs into his sleeve, then returns to pointing.

Now, where were we? Ahhhhhh. Yes, the Cloud in a bottle trick. As it turns out, you CAN fly, if you use it right. See, the cloud in a bottle is quite literally condensed pressurized air. Have you ever used two leaf blowers at once, felt their power as you flung those blasted leaves off your lawn? This is that, but with the power of a typhoon. A jet of air powerful enough to blast someone away in a ten to fifteen foot radius, sure, but can you imagine the benefit of funnelling it? Ahhh, yes, by the look in your eyes, I can see you get it. Yes, it can be used as a jet. A means of propulsion! Its a shame its so rare to get the element of bottled air, when you bottle an element. If only one could find a reliable way to get them regularly… well, thats another story. For now, I have Work to do!

the man shoos you out of the building, showing you a small research quarters just apart from his facility. It is stocked with everything for your own research, but it is a distance from the main lab, so that the man “wouldn’t be disturbed”. You’re reminded of willy wonka, a mad inventor from a movie you saw as a child, or perhaps heard about. It’s been far too long.

you enter the comfortable lab, and see several others already there. They greet you and return to work.

Due to johns return to neithernor, you may now post findings in the NRRP. Have fun!


Research log #001: Treatise on the Application and use of Bottled Lightning

Research Details:

/// Bottled Lightning is an aftereffect created by the use of Weathermancy on a vial, philter or other container. (While usually weathermancy can be used to contain sunlight, wind, rain, or other materials, the author prefers lightning as a defensive measure against invaders and attackers because of the possibility to cause debilitating but not fatal wounds.)

When using Bottled Lightning, the author has found that he can use a philter to transfer electrical charges to an item or living being. This has raised several questions of the use of Weathermancy to electrocute weaponry for use as war-tools. Due to the authors unwillingness to test this theory, it will be shelved as warzone strategy #1764-A1.

As for practical applications of electrical discharges, it could possibly be used to test if something is made of metal or simply fibreglass or other metallic substitutes, useful in salvaging operations for materials in the various Neithernorian ruins scattered about.

Other than this method, it can be used to fish. Electrocution of a body of water tends to kill most things within, so this can be an effective alternate to fishing when one tires of using a rod.

Finally, we speak of the fatal applications. Whilst not something practical in Neithernorian society today, it is still necessary for one to defend oneself, and so the Electric Bottle (Trademark number 1853-17Z, for reference) Can be used as a grenade of sorts. When broken, the electrical bottle can create a shockfield of electricity used to incapacitate in and in extreme circumstances kill the opponent. Due to the nature of magiq and its tendency to rid the user of its use once they murder, this technique should only be used in extremely dire circumstances at the cost of ones magiq. Be wary, be aware of the consequences.

That is all from this humble author, stay tuned for my next report.

Always your humble researcher and public servant of the Mountaineers,
-John Kaldwile
Main Researcher of the Neithernorian Research Revival Project.