The Monarch Papers Audiobooks Are Coming!

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I am so excited to officially announce the release date for The Monarch Papers audiobooks, and also that they’re now available for pre-order through our brand new Authors Direct audio storefront! You can now buy audio books directly from Ackerly Green!

These audiobooks are something that we’ve been teasing for a long time, and they will finally be available on August 4th! You’ll be able to find them through the Ackerly Green book shop, and all other major audiobook retailers listed here:

 We’re also working to make them available in libraries on release day (requesting them ALWAYS helps.) 

I wanted to let you all know now so you can mark your calendars, but I also want to brag about the absolutely incredible voice actor we worked with to narrate the books, J.R. Moorland. We’ll share a clip of the audio with you next week so you can hear for yourselves, but he really went above and beyond. Not only was he the perfect Marty, but he also managed to do a great Deirdre, and he even went so far as to research the Mountaineers mentioned by name and, according to your forum profiles, use a unique voice for each of you. 

I mean, come on!

Also, the covers for the audiobooks were designed by the brilliant Micaela Alcaino! She’s now designed all of the covers for the upcoming “Briar Archive,” which will be complete with both volumes of The Monarch Papers, the Secret Society and Search for Magiq novellas, The Book of Briars, and of course, The Guide to Magiq.

I’m so proud to share the work of these incredible artists with you so you can revisit the world of The Monarch Papers. We think they’ll be the perfect refresher before the official upcoming release of The Book of Briars! (More on that soon! We promise.) Until then, you can pre-order now and be the first to listen to them when they go live! 



I can’t wait to hear the beginning of chapter 21!


I’m so excited!