The Making of The Monarch Papers - Episode Two

Episode Two is Live. It’s all about Fragment Two, Eye of The Moons.

All about Cole, King Rabbit, and Those Who Didn’t Die!


Great podcast as always, @Saberlane and @SimonAG (sorry, I don’t know if Johnny had an account on here or not, but also good job)! Also I’m super hyped that you all think Brandon is a Weatherwatch! Can’t wait until the next one!


Great podcast. I could sit and listen to you guys just hang out for hours.

Regarding the unforum piece. Yeah, I guess I was one of the people who came from unforum during this phase. I had been there on and off for a few years before you folk showed up. That moderator was a horrible person. They had exactly one tool to work with, a big, angry hammer and they used it every chance they got at any perceived infraction no matter how small. I watched that mod kill more than a couple args by driving away creators or players.

On one hand I was a bit sad when unforum went down. On the other, if it meant that mod couldn’t bludgeon another arg to death, I was a bit happy too.

I cannot wait to hear the podcasts for fragments 3 and 4. The amount of behind the scenes changes is probably going to be a great story. Thanks for doing these!


I wholeheartedly second that Robert.
I wasn’t even aware unforum had gone down. Good riddance, I say. I stopped using it once I found r/ARG. It was hard to find trail-heads, you had to already know what you were looking for.
And that whole business with not allowing the pm to interact with players was just nonsense. How else are you supposed to get your work out there? Spamming is one thing, but I remember them coming down on pm’s for responding to questions and just interacting. I feel like it’s up to the creator to gauge what level of interaction they have with their players. You know, like CJ has done. :grin:


This is some of the best information. I love the more in-depth look at King Rabbit. I’m curious to know what he’s been up to.

Also, everyone knows who Steve is.


That hasn’t been a secret for a while :joy: