The little differences

Let’s see if I can be coherent here. A few odd things I’ve noticed in the DG blog.

Deirdre first mentions her dad here. She says she knows he was American, his first name, and that he left shortly after she was born. There’s also mention that she was 6 years old when her mom died. She has a dream about a man who might be her dad carrying her down a long hallway and she says she seems 4-5 years old in it. Also mentions that her Aunt’s story of when her dad left has changed over the years, but it is implied that Deirdre should have no memories of him. Before coming to American Deirdre talked to her Aunt and the age when her mom died dropped down to 5 years old. Later when she has a conversation with Mr. Wallace she talks about remembering her dad reading a book about an ant --which she has called herself before-- and a caterpillar to her and the dream of the hallway.

Big info dump with small details that contradict and have been bothering me. Deirdre shouldn’t have any memories of her dad, but she does now. I wonder if she even notices that. Or that the age she was turned over to Monica has changed as well. Could be she just forgot, or could be something else.

I’m also interested in the story about the ant and caterpillar. Aesop’s fables is a good guess for it, but Deirdre refers to herself as the ant several times, and the fable does not paint the ant in a good light. Modern stories have turned the caterpillar into a cricket who is portrayed as lazy while the ant works hard. I’m wondering what version of the story her dad told her. If he read it to her at all.

And the last one is small but when she talks about the home she has, she puts up this picture. She can’t share the address to it and says the only book she has inside is the one she got from the lawyers, but you can see books lined up in the window. Not sure if this means something or if she just took a picture of a different house to use.


Maybe she remembers him because she’s growing into being an adept?


It could be from the effects of the spell cast on her by her father and his associates. There was a spell shielding her from magiq and it’s affects. Even our contact attempts were invisible to her, even if the question wasn’t directly related. Those memories have magiqal significance and therefore couldn’t be accessed under the spell, which we dismantled during fragment 8, if I am recalling correctly.