The Legend of the Blacksmith

A story I’m going to be updating every so often. Please how you like it so I can improve!

In a distant land, in the past there was a blacksmith.
This blacksmith could make metal do wonders that no one had ever seen before.
One day, a stranger came to this blacksmith with a request.
Handing him a piece of paper the stranger disappeared, telling the blacksmith that he would return as soon as the order was completed.
Looking at the order, the blacksmith was confused by its extensiveness.
On the paper, the stranger had ordered five sets of equipment. A ring, long sword, great kite shield, and a chain mail vest.
Thinking this was an easy order, the blacksmith started, completing 2 sets before he checked on the paper again.
On the opposite side of the paper, there was a list of ingredients needed for each set.
The first set needed to be have the steel blued, and made in every type of weather, as to guard those who would blaze a path all their own.
The second needed to be made with the fire of the Eternal Lantern from the Lighthouse of Alexandria, to help those who needed to be a beacon to the world.
The third set needed steel handled with care, the same care you would show when handling a new born baby and the love like you would show to your family. This armor would be for those who are here to inspire, entertain, and en-kindle us.
The fourth set needed a strange material. To create this, the blacksmith would need the best equipment that has ever existed, this set would be for those who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, the big thinkers and planners of life.
The fifth set would needed to be created in the legendary Lake of Avalon, to help guide those who seek to protect the law of life.
And lastly, the sixth set. This set of equipment would be the trickiest. The metal needed to be heated in lava and cooled water that was touching this lava, but only at the times of dusk and dawn. This set would be for the wild and untamed.


Gathering his equipment for the first, the Blacksmith set to work.
His first step: getting his forge hot enough. The Blacksmith knew he would need to get the forge to atleast 280 degrees Fahrenheit to start the blueing process, but to fill his order in the time limit provided, he would need a dragon to get the right tempature in time.
As the sun set lower in the sky, the Blacksmith decided to call it a night, but tomorrow he would go out to find a dragon.


As the sun rose over the distant mountains, the Blacksmith began to get ready to start his quest for a dragon. But where would he go? And what type of dragon did he need? These questions riddled his brain as he left his home, starting on the winding road to nowhere and everywhere.
The Blacksmith walked for about hour before he reached his first destination: The Forest of Gwydir. Here, he hoped, he would find a dragon or atleast a fairy to show him his path.


Entering into the forest, the darkness immediately engulfed the Blacksmith, making it impossible to see what lied ahead. Stopping, the Blacksmith removed his pack and pulled out a torch, lighting it before putting back on his pack. Even then, with the light of the torch, he could barely see more than a few feet around him.


Using his hand axe like a machete, the Blacksmith forged deeper into the forest looking everywhere for a sign.
As the day went on, the Blacksmith slowly lost hope. “This place used to be covered with fairies.” He thought. “What happened to all of them?”
Coming into a clearing, the Blacksmith stopped to let his eyes adjust to the light. Blinking a couple of times, he locked up, only to see the moon shining up in the sky.