The Hunt for TMP's Hidden Clues

I’m making the topic for our hunt to find CJ’s hidden clues within The Monarch Papers Volumes 1 and 2! Our goal is to find all of them before the release of the Book of Briars!
The main rule is to put spoilers within the appropriate spoilers text effect, and CJ will confirm if our speculations are correct!

Linked here are the relevant twitter posts for the hunt!

Don the tinfoil hats and good luck everyone!


Good luck, Mounties! [spoiler]You’ll need it! :cjtea: [/spoiler]


So there are 6 secrets to be found in F&F and C&T that we need to find before BoB comes out? Challenge excepted @CJB :sunglasses:


Okay so here’s a good starting place - The Making of the Monarch Papers podcast.

I distinctly remember two places where CJ said there were more clues to be found but we missed them as we were plowing through on the Plot Train.

I need to go back and check, but I’m pretty sure at least one of those places was around Brachursis. I thiiiink he may have mentioned something in Fraylily or Eye of the Moons as well. But if you listen to all the podcasts, somewhere there’s a point where CJ says readers should go back and take a look. That should, at the very least, narrow it down to some specific fragments.




An old thread, but it might help us figure out what we’re missing


I’m short on time but I’d recommend starting here:

CJ continued to say that a number of subtle lore dumps appeared in this fragment, which readers didn’t even notice (and CJ still isn’t going to say what they are),

I remember on my initial listening to this podcast hearing CJ say something like ‘And no one noticed…something’ And I remember thinking…“I just figured we all noticed it so no one bothered to say it cause so much else was going on.” So I’m not sure just how ‘secret’ this easter egg is. And this might not even be one of the easter eggs, but like I said, I’d start there.

Once we know the scope and context of one easter egg that might make the others easier to locate.


Has anyone dug through the Basecamp YouTube videos for clues?


@Saberlane at one point Knatz said she put her journals online somewhere you could see them (although we didn’t know it was you) do you still have access? Do you even remember it? I forget how much the bastard hex took away. I know talking about the '94 mounties isn’t easy for you. You don’t have to answer if it’s too hard.


Hey Sel, might be good to post a thread for this outside of the Cabinet? It’s a good lead I think, but would be good to explore in a non-Elsewither category. :endriwink:


Whoops. I wasn’t sure where to put this so I just kinda put it on the first mostly applicable thread I could find. Fogot this was the Cabinet.